Relocation to London – Signing A New Lease On Life
Relocation to London – Signing A New Lease On Life – Image by adambowie via Flickr

  Finding accommodation when you are moving to London can be a bit of a lottery. It is made more difficult if you are a foreigner and have yet to establish yourself in the city. Many landlords will not rent to foreigners unless you are prepared to pay a massive deposit, which is not only unscrupulous, but possibly even illegal.

While it is always good to get as much information about your relocation to London before you, you should never choose and apartment and pay a deposit for the property without having seen it first. There are hundreds of scams on the internet with respect to property and Americans moving to London.

The best rule that you can follow is: If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. Don’t be taken in by descriptions of large rooms and gardens. Most London properties are far smaller than American ones, and many do not have gardens at all.

There are a number of ways that you can find properties to rent after your relocation to London:

·      Online listings and classified adverts: These properties go fast. As soon as you see one that interests you, you’ll have to call and hotfoot it over as soon as possible. Some properties in London can be rented within an hour of the advert being placed.

·      Hire a real estate agent. You may have to pay quite a hefty signing fee when you use a local real estate agent. I always encourage Americans moving to London to make sure that they have all their bona fides ready before using a local realtor. This means that you have to have your bank account organized, letters of credit from bank, and all of your documentation to satisfy the local landlord.

·      If you are contemplating an international relocation to London then you should consider using one of the professional London relocation services agents. Not only are they skilled at finding properties in areas frequented and loved by expats, but they have a far greater understanding of the needs of foreigners.

Your London relocation agents will make sure that they have a full consultation with you before you arrive, taking into consideration your personal circumstances and requirements. They can also offer advice and information on the specifics of how to settle into the city after your relocation to London.

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