Relocation to London means moving to one of the most vibrant, exciting and fascinating cities in the world. With international relocation it’s exciting to be moving to London! London is the cultural centre for Europe, a financial powerhouse, and all in all, a city that has a lot to offer to a lot of people.

That said, like any big city, it still has its drawbacks, an obvious one of which is crime. It stands to reason that any city that attracts people because of the wealth of things that it offers also runs the risk of attracting a few bad apples, and this is as much the case with London as it is with other cities around the world. The risk of falling victim to crime is increased should one be new to the city and not have an understanding of what precautions to take.

Relocation to London – Safety First

Here are a few tips for the safety conscious to bear in mind.

• Depending on how familiar one is in their relocation to London, it might be a good idea to ask advice from someone with experience living in London (London relocation agents, for example) on how to go about doing things safely. This can include what kind of places to avoid and anything else one is uncertain of.

• You’ll often see London’s policemen (the Bobbies) all over the city due to their characteristic uniforms. Those feeling unsafe or those who have been the victim of a crime should find the nearest policeman and ask for their assistance. They’ve been trained precisely for this and will be glad to help anyone however they can.

• Those new to London from international relocation and planning a night out on the town need to be sure of how they’ll be getting home. Being safe means planning for the unexpected.

• All Americans moving to London need to memorize the city’s emergency telephone numbers.  999 is the UK counterpart to the US’ 911. Family members never know when they might be in a position to need it.

Lastly, the very best thing one can do to be safe is to use common sense. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Trust instincts. Moving to London is like moving to any new city and being safety-conscious will go a long way to making a corporate relocation stay a happy one.

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