Most people planning a relocation to London don’t contemplate what they will do in an emergency, but it’s best to be prepared before you arrive. Having a list of emergency numbers ready for your relocation to London is prudence not paranoia.

Your London relocations services company will help you with local numbers in your area once you decide on a property, but having a useful list of emergency numbers on your phone or in your wallet will give you a sense of security, especially if it is your first visit to the UK.

The number for all emergency services in the UK is 999. It is reachable from all land lines and mobile phones, but may not be reachable through Skype or Vonage, so it’s always best to have airtime on your mobile for phone emergency calls. You can call the police, ambulance services and the fire brigade with the 999 emergency number. If you need to make a non-emergency call to report a crime, such as burglary or purse snatching, then you can dial 101 from any mobile phone or land line in London. This service will connect you with your local police station who will be able to assist you.

Emergency Medical Matters

There are a number of options for emergency medical care after your relocation to London. If you need medical advice but it is not a life threatening emergency, then contact the NHS on 08 45 46 47. They provide telephonic assistance 24 hours a day and will be able to tell you whether or not you should go to an emergency clinic or a hospital.

If you are looking for a hospital emergency room, it is called A&E in the UK. It stands for Accident and Emergency and is found, like most ER centers, at large hospitals. A&E only treats severe medical emergencies and you do not need an appointment to receive treatment. When you are looking at homes with your London relocations agents check whether or not your local hospital has an A&E. Not all of them do, and you need to get the address of your closest A&E department just in case.

Don’t err on the side of caution in an emergency. If you feel that you need help call 999 and they will assist you. No one wants to think of the worst thing that can happen after your relocation to London, but sensible information is always a help during a big move.

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