If you’re lucky enough to be moving to London as part of an employment contract then you won’t have to handle the recruitment system as part of your relocation to London. If you’re flying solo to the city of London and you have a job organized then you’re probably set for the duration of your secondment.

If you are planning your relocation to London with your spouse or partner you may well be looking at different jobs and recruitment possibilities for your partner. It can be difficult for an accompanying partner to find work, and fit into a new life in London after your international relocation.

The first thing you need to consider is eligibility to work. It is not wise to assume that because you are working in London that your partner will be automatically eligible to work in the UK after your relocation. You need to make sure that you partner is able to get a work permit before you leave or as soon as possible after you arrive.

A double income goes a long way after your relocation, and can in fact help you with renting a larger home through your relocation agents and establishing joint credit at banks and stores.

The best way to find employment in London is to contact a London relocation jobs recruitment agency. Focus on professional recruiters who offer a service to expats and Americans moving to London. They have a unique perspective on how to find work as an expat and many of the companies on their books may be looking for people from your country of origin.

Nearly all companies use a recruitment agency to filter CV’s and you’ll have a much better chance of success trying to find a job through an agency than just looking in the newspaper or online. Another advantage of using a localbased recruitment agency is that they will be able to tailor your resume (it’s called a CV in the UK) to fit the format wanted by major UK companies.

When you join a recruitment agency, be sure to ask your agent about getting a National Insurance number as soon as possible. You can’t really work in the UK without one, and having one means that you can register at a doctor, open a bank account and a host of other requirements.

Your relocation will be smoother and easier if you and your partner are able to settle in as fast as possible.

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