If you are moving to London and looking for a thriving area to live in, Canary Wharf may be just what you’re looking for. Canary Wharf is a strong business district located on the Thames River in the Tower of Hamlets borough.

The area was once home to the West India Docks which fed a booming international shipping industry. However, the industry declined and the docks closed in 1980 paving the way for the development of what is now a rich and industrious business hub of towering office buildings surrounded by London flats for rent. One Canada Square is the tallest building in the UK and stands as a symbol of Canary Wharf’s rise from the ashes.

Housing mainly consists of high end Canary Wharf apartments and flats for rent in London that caters to the upscale corporate and banking crowd. If Canary Wharf apartments are a bit too pricy, you can easily take available transportation into neighborhoods surrounding the area for more reasonable prices on housing options.

Not only is Canary Wharf a lively business center, it is also teaming with social gatherings, activities and attractions. As for attractions, there is absolutely no shortage as most of the capital’s most prized sites are located within 5 miles of Canary Wharf’s center. You can visit such exciting places as the Tower of London, the Tower Bridge and Westminster Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral, Greenwich, the Aldwych Theater and Theater Royal Drury Lane, the Docklands, and all the glitz, glamour, and history that make up the amazing Capital Center of Britain.

If you love to please your palate, there are some fantastic restaurants where you can indulge in practically every delicacy.  Iberica recently opened in 2011 and serves up a menu that would make any Spaniard proud. At Plateau, you can dine on French cuisine while reclining in a pleasant area surrounded by large windows that provides a refreshing, open air feeling. You’ll find Oriental dishes at Sri Nam, South American flare at Gaucho Canary, Mexican munchies at Wahaca, and great Chinese food and Thames River scenery at the Royal China Canary Wharf.

You won’t lack exciting nightlife or drinking holes either. Strike out from Canary Wharf apartments for the popular All Bar One which has large, open spaces where trendy crowds like to mill about. Davy’s is a well known restaurant and wine bar chain that serves traditional English eateries and caters to private parties. A list of exclusive wines including Burgundy, Portugal, and Bordeaux can be found at Corney & Barrow Wine Bare, and classic European food, drink and atmosphere can be enjoyed at Levante Bar located in the historic warehouse at docklands.

Keep in mind that this is the Center district where a multitude of fun and exciting venues are only a short hop away.

Whether you’ve got your eye set on living in high-end Canary Wharf apartments or prefer to transport to outer areas offering more affordable neighborhoods, allow a relocation consultant to assist you with your search. Your consultant will work closely with you, provide what you require, and have everything set up and ready for your London relocation arrival.

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