One of the easiest ways to do research before your relocation is to watch as much ‘local’ news as you can before arriving in the city. For Americans moving to London this may be a case of watching BBC America as often as possible, but you can also tune into several television stations on the internet to get a good idea of what is happening before moving to London.

If you have never visited before, learning as much as you can bout the city will be a huge help when you finally arrive. It really is the small things that can make a big difference when you’re hopping continents. It will help you in so many different ways and give you an idea of what people are talking about when you’re trying to settle into your relocation jobs program. Although it is tempting to slide easily into an expat community after your relocation, you’ll experience so much more if you make an effort to get to know the locals.

Local news can be important when you’re moving to London.

If you’re still planning your relocation, you probably won’t be interested in learning about the fact that over 5,000 jobs have been cut from councils in the London area, but it could have an impact on service delivery in your neighborhood after moving. When you’re on the ground, you’ll want your local council to be accountable.

It works the other way as well, for many Americans moving here. The lack of news from back home can make you feel homesick. America and Canada are really only regarded as one of many international news stories and you won’t get in-depth local news like you used to. Thankfully CNN really is everywhere in the world, and you can probably get a lot of your favorite shows on satellite television, but for now you need to start watching English shows to get a handle on what you can expect after your relocation. It’ll help you decipher the accent and attune your ear to the way people speak in London especially if you watch a good cross section of shows that reflect the modern face of London.

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