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One of the benefits of moving to London is the ability to learn about other cultures.  In particular, Americans fresh from the states can learn a lot about India since Indians make up the largest minority group in England.  Beginning in the early twentieth century Indians began moving to London and other parts of England for educational purposes and employment opportunities. By definition a British Indian is any person of Indian ancestry whether they are from India, Pakistan, East Africa, the Caribbean or Fiji.  Today, there are almost 500,000 Indian people living in London, alone.  British and Indian cultures are intertwined due to years of British rule over India.  In the early twentieth century wealth Indians sent their children to be educated in England.  Muhatma Ghandi , who studied Law in London, was one of the most famous. Today, the Indian culture permeates many aspects of life in London and those moving to London will see its influence everywhere.  Indian cuisine is quite popular and there seem to be about as many Indian and Pakistani restaurants as there are immigrants!

Most families moving to London have never been to India making their time in England ideal for learning more about the fascinating culture. The first way to experience Indian culture for any family just moving to London is to visit one of the spectacular restaurants.  Indian food in the States is a growing cuisine but regional.  Many parts of the United States have no Indian representation at all.  Also, not all British Indians are from India.  Many other countries are represented in the city making that many more restaurants on the list to visit for any family moving to London for the first time. Listed below are some of the most popular restaurants featuring traditional British Indian foods: Tayyabs – A top restaurant featuring Pakistani food, located in Whitechapel Hot Stuff – An Indian restaurant with a cult following, located in Vauxhall Rasa – Featuring South Indian cuisine they specialize in vegetarian dishes and are located in Stoke Newington Triphal– an Indian restaurant with a diverse menu representing all regions of India, located in Southfields

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