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Side-gigs in London

While we begin to forget the harsh economic realities of 2020, the fight it’s not yet over. With the COVID-19 pandemic still looming, it’s important to save for a rainy day. However, this might be challenging if you’re relying on one source of income. But don’t worry; we’ve got a list of side-gigs in London to consider. Contact us to learn more about rent flat london uk

They will help you in taking care of minor bills and make your life easier. In some cases, they will be resourceful when dealing with unexpected liabilities. And thanks to the gigs, you can save enough for a holiday vacation or a treat in one of the expensive restaurants in the city. Let’s proceed:


Digital Course

Being broke and stuck in 2020 at home due to COVID-19 was a life lesson. And that’s how we can avoid being broke when you’re not going to work? In this case, Digital Course is our first recommendation. It’s a long-term investment with promising income.

What’s more, you will be utilizing your current skills and knowledge. For instance, if you are a financial consultant in London then create a course on that. You can sell your products through other websites or the personal website you’ve designed.


Translation Services

How many languages can you speak or write fluently? Well, this can be a side hustle if you are bilingual. What you will be doing is to offer translation services to clients. It can be in written or audio form. And it depends on what the clients want.


Launch a Blog

After you launch your blog, the stream of income won’t be immediate, if anything it might be drips. However, it has long-term benefits with the potential to be a full-time job. You will receive both passive and full-time earnings, which are enough to settle bills and savings. But to begin, you will need a starting capital for the host and domain name.

Thereafter, you can write the blogs yourself or seek freelancing services. After the traffic into your blog picks, earn cash by monetizing it. You can do this through affiliate marketing or sponsored posts, among others.


Virtual Assistance

It’s a flexible gig that allows you to have a schedule that fits together with your full-time job. It has various ranges of opportunities that include working for a company or as an admin of social media sites. That means you are free to find jobs in almost all online service companies. And in Freelancer sites like Fiverr, you can easily find clients in need of your services.


Freelance Writing

To keep running costs low due to less demand for content writing, companies seek the services of Freelance Writers. And this is another opportunity to present itself to you. you can join and create a profile on popular freelancing platforms like Fiverr and People Per Hour to start your side hustle. With resourceful tips on how to secure clients, you will have a potential income source.



Can you drive or do you have a car? Well, there is good money to earn through product delivery. Multiple companies in London will appreciate your services and pay well in return. If you are working during the day, sign up for evening or night delivery. Some of these companies are Amazon Flex, Postmates, Ubereats, and Instacart. However, look at each company’s reviews, pros and cons before you consider which one can work for you.


Music Classes

Do you have any skills in musical instruments? Well, you can begin offering virtual and onsite classes. Start by creating a profile about you and the musical instrument you have specialized in. You can be a tutor for kids and adults within the city in need of your services.

Use social media as your advertisement site, notice board of local stores and supermarkets, among other advertising avenues. And apart from earning, you can further develop your skills and perfect them.

Further, you can earn more per hour by creating a tutoring class as opposed to working with one person. And if time allows, skills in unusual musical instruments like organ, harp, and sitar will increase your income further.


Dog Walk

If you can take care of furry pets like dogs, then you will love this gig. You will be walking people’s dogs at a specific time of the day at a fee. And sourcing the clients is pretty simple. Just post local adverts within a given residential area in the city. And don’t forget to include your contacts. After a while, you will be handling dozens of dogs, which is great pay.


Uber Driver

Still on hustles that require car and driving skills, being an Uber Driver in London is a great hustle. What you need is specific spare time you can set aside for this gig. With your driving license, qualified car, and age not less than 21 years, you can sign up as an Uber Driver online.

They have flexible working hours and you can choose a comfortable time frame that suits you. However, don’t be eager to start this gig immediately. It may take a year for you to join. So, as you work on other gigs, ensure you’ve signed up for Uber driver. It may come through the day you need it most.


Candle Making

It’s a popular home gig that people are employing to make extra cash. And some people are now running candle-making companies thanks to a constant cash flow throughout the year. Here, you will need starting capital, about £150 – £200. And since it requires no heavy manpower, you can do your gig in the evening from work. You only need a few hours to spare in making several candles.

There you’ve got them. It’s a list with top side-gigs in London to consider. So, choose wisely. You can cross-check to determine which gig fits your full-time job. And since it will be like overtime pay, ensure you pick a fun gig that you love.


Avoid any choice that causes depression or exhaustion to you after a tough day at work. Lastly, check the starting cost if it’s worth it. We recommend gigs with affordable starting capital to avoid draining your savings further.

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