There are a host of corporate relocation to London tips that will help you when you’re moving to London on a job contract. Your professional London relocation services company will ask you a lot of questions when you contact them with regards to helping you with your move.

Corporate Relocation To London Transport

One of the most important aspects of a corporate relocation and choosing a new home will be the distance you are prepared to travel to get to and from work. Your relocation agents will ask you for the physical address of your offices so that they have a good idea of the closest public transport hubs and the amount of time it will take you to travel to work in rush hour.

Some lines are more crowded than others during ‘peak time’ and you’ll have to decide how long you’re prepared to travel each day. If you don’t mind a commute involving a couple of tube changes and bus ride or two then you can live pretty much anywhere in the city. If you’re looking for quick and convenient, your choices of neighborhood may be restricted. The average commute for a Londoner is about an hour, unless you’re prepared to pay the exorbitant process of living in the heart of the city and being able to walk to work each day.

Corporate Relocation To London With Family

If you have a social network or are planning your corporate relocation with children this will be another factor in your choice of neighborhood. London is a huge city and if you have friends or family in a certain area you may want to tell your relocation agents that you’d like to be close to your support structure as far as possible.

You don’t have to make up your mind over the internet when planning your corporate relocation to London, most relocation agents will organize a list of properties in different neighborhoods to show you within a day of arriving in the city.

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