Families having survived moving from the States most likely need a break from the new daily grind.  There is no better way to recharge than with a weekend spent in the country.  Many Americans can’t wait to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy streets and head deep into the heart of British farmland to explore the majesty of the British countryside.  With so many wonderful locations just a short distance from families have many choices in how to relax during a beautiful spring weekend.

– Explore Canterbury

Canterbury is an old town located in Kent, just South of London.  Most people recall Canterbury Tales when hearing the name but the small town holds so much more!  Locally known as “The Garden of England” Kent is home to a large number of farms which provide fresh produce and meats to London making it the ideal location for families to visit after moving here.

 – Farm Lodging

There are many ideal bed and breakfasts and country inns for families to stay at on a weekend holiday after moving to London.  Iffin Farmhouse is one such bed and breakfast and is an affordable and popular destination for those new to the countryside.  Guests stay in a four-star facility that offers all the amenities of a modern hotel but reminiscent of a much simpler time.  The farm is located on Iffin Road which dates back to Roman occupation.

– Discover the Country

Kent is located just southeast of London allowing it to have rolling farm land and a sea shore.  This allows visitors to experience many activities unavailable.  Whether a family dreams of a day spent on horseback, wandering the countryside or a day at the beach, it can be done in Kent.  Fishing is popular as is mountain biking.  No matter what the sport may be Kent is an outdoor enthusiast’s playground.

Although it may be tempting to stay in the city after moving, American families should make a point of visiting as much of the country as possible.  Weekend holidays are an excellent way of accomplishing this goal.  A weekend spent in Kent is wonderful for an early spring holiday and will delight all families after moving to London.

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