Looking at London neighborhoods in your search for the perfect suburb?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed looking for London flats in Maida Vale – you are not alone. Even the most seasoned Londoner has been exhausted by the fast-paced, cutthroat nature of this city’s real estate market. If you are moving to London from the US or Canada, the search may seem especially exhausting as London lacks an MLS search system. Finding a flat in London from out-of-country (or in-country!) can be time-consuming and frustrating but London Relocation’s team of expats makes the search easy and fun. Also, we guarantee that we will find you an apartment you love, as we find a flat for 100 percent of our clients!

It’s a guaranteed relocation service.

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We Know London Neighborhoods

Based on your interests and needs we can tailor the search so that you only visit flats in areas that suit your lifestyle. Although we place clients all over London, one of our favorite areas is Maida Vale. Whether you are moving to this city from a suburb in the states or relocating from a city in Germany, there are so many reasons why Maida Vale might be the perfect neighborhood for you. Here of five of this neighborhood’s qualities that makes it one of our favorites.

Why Choose Maida Vale – London Neighborhoods Profile

The Sense of History

london neighborhoods maida vale

The refined sophistication of Maida Vale’s Edwardian mansions makes this mostly-residential neighborhood one of the most picturesque in London. In this area walking down the street feels like you are walking through a beautiful, regal past. Most of Maida Vale’s buildings were built in the nineteenth century, so there is an abundance of historic homes and flats, many of which have private courtyards. If you want a new home with some history, Maida Vale is definitely the right neighborhood for you.

The Gastronomic Goodness

This neighborhood is cozy and quiet but trust us, this does not mean that Maida Vale lacks fantastic eats! In fact, part of what makes this area so livable is its restaurants and cafés. There are a bunch of amazing coffee shops where you can sit and enjoy a beautiful latté in the company of your Maida Vale neighbors. There is also a slew of fantastic, high-end restaurants. If you like to cook you will love the exceptional produce and homemade goodies at Maida Vale’s local market.

The Commute

Maida Vale has its own tube station and is decently close to Notting Hill and St Johns Wood. So even if Maida Vale is bit more removed from the city, making your way into work couldn’t be simpler. Plus, your trip will be incredibly enjoyable. Walking (or riding!) on Maida Vale’s tree-lined cobblestone streets will transition you easily out of your residential slumber.

The Shopping

Although Maida Vale lacks a high street and isn’t bustling like some other London shopping destinations, this neighborhood’s stores should not be overlooked. Stores in this area are tucked away on side streets, so you have to do some exploring to find out what the neighborhood has to offer. But this sort of understated sweetness is exactly what makes strolling through its hidden nurseries and tiny boutiques so charming!

The Natural Bliss

london neighborhoods little venice

Maida Vale’s is the perfect place to escape the oftentimes-grey quality of central London. Little Venice, one of London’s most popular outdoor attractions, is in Maida Vale. Little Venice is a canal junction that Time Out calls a “tranquil pocket.” There are many ways to experience this Italy-inspired spot. One is to take a waterbus into Camden Town or the Regent’s Park Area. The other is to enjoy a meal or a beer at one of the many nearby cafés that overlook the canal’s gondolas and colorful, bobbing houseboats.

What’s not to love about this area? It is one of the coziest and quietest London neighborhoods. If you think a flat in Maida Vale might be right for you, or if you would like help exploring other parts of London, give London Relocation a call today!

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