Those coming to London to set down stakes might be interested in finding Clapham apartments located in the south of the city. Clapham is a highly popular and largely residential area filled with old Georgian and Victorian homes with terraces. Some big names such as Vanessa Redgrave, JK Rowling and Piers Morgan have called this area home.

Although many properties are for sale and hotly sought after, many others have large spacious floors and rooms that have been converted into Clapham apartments. There is quite a mix of people in the area which offers those living here the opportunity to mill around middle class Brits, bustling young professionals, and a continuous flow of foreign travelers who like to share flats to save money.

Clapham covers quite a large area and is divided into the North and South side with the large open space of Clapham Common between them that often provides various events and activities throughout the years. The beautiful, quaint Old Town area is a wonderful place to find Clapham apartments as is the Abbeville Road area, both of which offer a comfortable yet vibrant village atmosphere with a lot of nice restaurants, bars and boutiques.

Clapham Junction and Clapham High Street are the two draws for both daytime shoppers and nighttime entertainment seekers. Various other fun shopping sites can be found at Northcote Road, Battersea Rise, and around Clapham Common. Should you require furnishings for Clapham apartments, there are several located on Queenstown Road and Abbeville Road.

One of the best bars in the world, Lost Society, is located on Wandsworth Road. Internationally proclaimed and award-winning cocktails are served at this hip hangout where classes are offered for the wannabe bartender to learn how to make their favorite drinks. Inferno’s is another large nightclub draw that is quite a bit less classy but also quite popular and if you do much partying at all in Clapham you will probably end up there on occasion. Other hotspots include People’s Republic, The Merchant, The Loft, Aquum, The Duck, The Goat, Inigo, and The Northcote. Of course, there is a large selection of various little pubs to duck into while running between these areas.

Pubs are also fun places to find local foods while sipping on your favorite ale. Some other delicious dining options located near Clapham apartments include good, affordable Japanese cuisine enjoyed at the Tsunami with the 409 Restaurant and Grafton House offering brasserie-style dishes. French tastes can be indulged at The Abbeville and Le Chardon on Abbeville Road as well as Le Bouchon Bordelais located at Battersea Rise while El Rincon Latino and Carmen offer up tasty Spanish tapas.

Getting to other areas of the city from Clapham apartments is a breeze since this popular area has various Tube, train and bus routes strewn throughout. Transportation to work, university, or to explore new areas of London can all be reached by public transportation from Clapham. If you purchase an Oyster card upon your arrival, you will save a heap of time and money via public transport discounts and passing by ticket lines.

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