No one will miss a trip to The London Coliseum. Now being owned by The English National Opera Company, London Coliseum attracts tourists and residents from all around the globe. This is in large part to its expansive history and old age. Despite it being quite an old monument to view for people living in London, the coliseum is still very much in business with events taking place here from time to time.

The Opening

On December 24th 1904, people were given a real treat because this was the date when The London Coliseum opened its doors to guests. The coliseum was opened with one intention in mind and that was for it to be a ‘Variety Show’. Oswald Stoll came up with the master plan to construct a theatre of this size and beauty and his dream could not come true until he purchased an expansive area of land in the year 1902. Despite Mr. Stoll deciding it would be a good idea to design The London Coliseum; it was not him who built it.  Frank Matcham, a talented theatre architect built the coliseum. For people, The London Coliseum was set to rival The Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

About The Coliseum

More than 2,358 people could and still can fit inside The London Coliseum, meaning that the aim to rival the largest theatre in the city was a success. Four levels were present inside including the Dress Circle, Balcony, Grand Tier and Stalls. Unlike many other theatres of this era, The London Coliseum did not possess a pit, making it stand out from the other buildings in and around the city. In recent times, the pit is known as the orchestra pit, meaning this was often a necessity back in the days when opera and classical music was enjoyed widely. However, this did not ruin the coliseums success. With a 92’ deep, 55’ wide stage, the coliseum was an expensive project to make for people living in London to enjoy.

Closure & Re-Opening

Although The London Coliseum garnered much attention, money was not well spent due to it closing down in the year 1906. Nevertheless, a renovation and re-opening in December 1907 meant that the theatre had a second chance at success.  After this time, many programs were created and the theatre was well-known for being a favored destination for musical and opera performances. If you are here, take a trip to the theatre, which has now been restored greatly.

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