To whom it may concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Anthony Gallo for the outstanding job that he did helping me to acquire the perfect home, in London.

I am from San Diego, CA, and though I have purchased and rented property before, I had no idea of how things work here in the UK.  I spent a week, in the fall of the year, riding the tube trying to figure out what part of London I wanted to live in, in addition to what area I could afford to live in…2 very different things!  I decided on Wimbledon, based on visuals and a good gut feeling I got when I came off the tube.  I then started looking for a Letting Agent to help me find my home.  This is when I discovered that if I wanted to see all of the available options in Wimbledon that I would have to sign up with and tell my story and requirements to every Letting Agent in Wimbledon…a daunting task to say the least.  There are no Multiple Listing Services here.  A Letting Agent can only show you the properties of the people they have.  That’s when I went out looking for a relocation service that would take my specifications, canvas the market, aggregate and evaluate the properties and arrange a showing of  all of the appropriate homes for me.  I used the internet and spoke with a couple of different services.  I signed up with Anthony because of a combination of things:  I spoke to his references and the had excellent things to say about him.  He understood what I was looking for (he is from the States so he understood where I was coming from), what I was bringing with me (I also sent him pictures of my prior home and furniture so he could understand size and style of my furniture and so he would better understand what kind of environment I wanted to live and work in).

I had lots of people tell me I couldn’t/wouldn’t find what I was looking for and could afford in London…a great kitchen, lots of light a separate dining room and living room, 3 bedrooms and at least 2 bathrooms and so on…

Anthony was honest with me, he said it wouldn’t be easy, that I would have to compromise more than I might want to…that being said, the day of our appointment he had a driver and appointments for us to look at 27 homes in one day!  Yes it was exhausting and we worked until 11 pm that evening but by the end of the day I had the home I wanted, in a neighborhood I liked and at a price that I could afford.

Anthony’s services saved me enormous time and grief and saved my company significant amounts of my time and thus their money.

I highly recommend Anthony Gallo and his company.

Thank you.



Antoinette “Toni” Gambonini
Director:  Europe, Middle East and Africa UK Mobile:  44 783 329 2278 US Office:  614.793.1411 This number will forward to my UK Mobile [email protected] Blackberry

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I used London Relocation when moving from Canada with my husband and our cat over a year ago. While I tried to find a flat myself, I quickly became overwhelmed with the variety and inconsistent level of service that I was receiving. Anthony took my briefing over the phone and I met in London for a few hours to look at some flat options. Anthony provided us helpful tips to ensure that we got the best deal and that there were no surprises with our adjustment. He even helped us to open a bank account in a day (a fact that still amazes my expat friends in London who have tried to figure out how to do this in a timely fashion). The next day after meeting AJ, I had signed a lease for a flat. His number was on speed dial and I knew that he could quickly provide clarity to any questions or concerns I had, even in the weeks following our move as we adjusted into our new life.

London Relocation is a great resource that saved us a tremendous amount of time and energy. Kudos to Anthony and his team for helping introduce us into London life. Even his recommendation for dinner after a day of looking at flats was stellar!


Mobile: +44 7942 468 777
Skype: ojmcgaw

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