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The Canadian Women's Club - Expat Life in London - London Relocation



Moving to London I said, “This is going to be the best 14 months of my life!” With so much to see and do I thought there would be no way I’d be able to cram it all in before returning to Canada.

What I didn’t think about, or expect was how I would fall utterly in love with the city and that I would still be calling it home, five years on…


A little over a year ago, I joined the Canadian Women’s Club and it has been a phenomenal opportunity to meet so many Global women and learn of their stories and how they ended up in London. The best part is that many of them have experienced the same cultural differences as I have, so we can have a good laugh about the silly things that we have done and seen..

Canadian Women's Club London

The Canadian Women’s Club is made up of women that have either moved to the UK from Canada or who have spent time in Canada and have then returned to the UK. Currently there are over 200 members!

Tuesday morning the Canadian Women’s Club hosted a Christmas luncheon for its members – it’s not every day you’re able to head to the High Commission to be wined and dined! Held in the Large Salon of the High Commission the ladies all came together to talk about the past year and things they had been up to including their move, their kids’ schools, how they’re settling into the hustle and bustle of London-life.

Aside from getting together to share a little Christmas cheer we had our very own “Antique Jewellery Roadshow”!

Nancy Raines, fellow Canadian, was the special guest educating the rest of us on her gorgeous collection of costume jewellery dating back to pre-war days. Every girl should be so lucky to have such an amazing collection of earrings, brooches, necklaces… you name it!

I encourage anyone new to London to join as many groups/clubs as you can. I have joined different clubs, tried new sports and attended events I would not have an otherwise had the opportunity to back at home. Get out and get involved – the sooner you do, the more people you will meet and the more settled you will feel.

Devon-Lampard- London-Relocation

Devon Lampard is a skilled Moving Coach, helping people with every aspect of their relocation and helping them adapt to life in London.

“I’m always just a phone call away from my clients.”

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