Thousands if not millions of graduates and families relocate to the UK annually and during this time they will be looking for moving to London advice based on accommodation. It is important to plan in advance when you are in this situation because you may otherwise delay your relocation, waste money or be left with nowhere to stay as soon as you arrive in the city. The culture shock entwined with the worry of not having a place to stay will be seriously daunting, so prepare well to avoid disappointment.

Relocation Agent

Relocation agents can offer moving to London advice and they will also help you to get a place to stay, sometimes within a day of you arriving on British grounds. While these people may charge an admin fee, you can guarantee that the cost will be worthwhile. This is because they can save you time and negotiate good deals on apartments and houses, whether you are looking to buy or rent. If you are relocating from America you will be pleased to find many American relocation agents in London, which will ease the process. You can even get help with language classes, jobs, deposits, bank documents, visas and much more when you hire a relocation agent.


People who want moving to London advice will fail to ask themselves if they want a roommate in the city. Remember that this is worthwhile when traveling alone because you can split the cost of bills and living expenses, as well as make a friend when living in the city. Advertise online for roommates or seek out others who want a roommate so that you can organize a place to rent. If you want to find a roommate after landing in the United Kingdom, you should get some lodging or temporary accommodation until you find one that suits your requirements.

Where To Live

A final piece of moving to London advice for accommodation will be based on where you want to live. London is a big place, home to millions of people from different backgrounds and religions. Depending on where you will be commuting, working and how close you want to be to certain facilities including schools, shops and greenland spaces, you need to research. A relocation agent can give you the pros and cons of many neighborhoods and they can even advise you on the ideal destination that matches your budget. Be aware that some neighborhoods like Notting Hill may be more expensive when moving to London, advice making it important to choose where to live wisely.

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By London Relocation | 14 Aug 2020 | ABOUT THE RELOCATION PROCESS