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All right, those of you moving to London! It’s April 1, so time to kick off our A to Z Blogging Challenge. Thinking up this one was a no-brainer for me; the idea practically smacked me upside the head and said, “Derr!” (But don’t worry, the topic itself is not as antagonistic ;)). To kick-start our alphabet:

“A” is for A-Z  LONDON MAP!

I told you. “Derr…” right? And yet what could be more appropriate for starting our alphabet game or incredibly useful for your London move? London is a tricky city to get around in. Sure, the tube and bus routes are easy enough to figure out and should deliver you to wherever you need to go, but you’ll still have to be able to navigate the streets on your own. This is an old city, so there’s no tidy grid system to work with, and only the black taxi drivers have gone through enough rigors of testing to have this hairy network of streets memorized.

What you need in your purse or pocket is your handy-dandy A-Z street atlas (pronounced, “A to Zed,” if you want to sound like a local). These maps come in assorted sizes depending on the scale of book you want on hand, but all of them will show you down to the minutest lane and in a very user-friendly fashion. So if you’re exploring what neighborhoods to live in, searching for flats to rent, trying to find the location of your job interview, or already finding your way to social engagements as a new London resident, pop into a Ryman shop or bookstore at assorted locations and pick up your copy. You can also find them online at:

If you’re going to stock anything on the bookshelf in your new flat, it’s the A-Z.


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