Are Stereotypes About London True?


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Stereotypes About London

There are plenty of stereotypes about Londoners. We’ve all seen them in memes, movies, and literature. They are portrayed as unfriendly, rude, arrogant and stingy. Well, these are not true. Why some might disagree, hey, it’s a free country believe what you like. However, a survey was sent out to discover more about the wonderful population of London.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are arrogant people in London. They are arrogant people in every city across the world. However, this is not the majority of Londoners and this persistent stereotype prevents people from truly seeing how great Londoners can be.

A survey went out to find out what people truly thought of Londoners and it wasn’t pretty. The survey showed Londoners on top of being the most ambitious which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but then we also scored tops in stingy, arrogant, rude, stingy when compared to Manchester, Belfast, Cardiff, and Glasgow.

The majority, 55%, thought Londoners were obsessed with money while 45% thought they were snobs. 30% think of Londoners as hedonists and 46% think they are workaholics.
While stereotypes are an unfair way to judge people, I’m not going to argue the point. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. What I am going to do though is to list 11 reasons why those stereotypes are wrong.


Londoners and The Environment

Yes, London is known as the Big Smoke. Yes, London has serious air pollution problems due to the number of businesses operating within the city and the transport hubs throughout. This does not mean they don’t care for the environment. In fact, they do care and are working hard to tackle the environmental crisis.


Embracing Diversity

London is one of the most diverse cities on the planet. It is multi-cultural and inviting to people of different gender and sexual orientations, social backgrounds, ages, and political and religious beliefs. Those living in London come from so many different walks of life and offer so many individual experiences, passions, interests, opinions, and personalities that it would be impossible to see Londoners as merely miserable and arrogant as they are so often portrayed.

Londoners Are Accepting

With so much diversity how can Londoners not be considered inclusive and accepting? London Pride is the perfect example. Every July, London puts on a free parade to celebrate the wonderful LGBT+ community with the largest Pride event in all of England. People from all over the UK travel to enjoy the festivities.


Londoners Are Not Unfriendly

Sure, we’re always stereotyped in movies as grumpy, stiff, stingy, and the like. While there are some Londoners who fit that bill there are a great many more who are not. Just walk into any pub and you’ll find plenty of friendly people willing to talk to you about anything under the sun. There is always a helpful hand to help with yardwork or moving. Don’t be afraid to give a shout to a fellow Londoner and get the conversation going.


You Can Be Yourself in London

No matter what style of dress you like or what your fashion sense might be, you are going to be accepted. There are no judgments here. Just ride the Tube and look around at all the different people riding with you. People are encouraged to be themselves and express themselves as they see fit.

Londoners Have an Incredible Sense of Humor

Londoners truly do have a great sense of humor. They are able to poke fun at themselves and even make light of the stereotypes about them. If Monty Python’s Flying Circus doesn’t do it for you, what about Absolutely Fabulous or the Young Ones? For something a little more modern, what about The IT Crowd?

We aren’t just talking about BBC programming. We’re talking about every day Londoners too. The TfL announcers alone can bring a smile to many a weary traveler riding the Tube. There are also dozens of comedy clubs to get the London flavor of humor. Why not try the Top-Secret Comedy Club or a local open mic night?



Yes, Londoners have been involved in some of the most incredible inventions. The world has London to thank for the wind-up radio which was developed by Trevor Bayliss on Eel Pie Island. We can thank Alexander Fleming for inventing penicillin while at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. And how can we forget David Edward Hughes for inventing the microphone in Fitzrovia.


Londoners Give to Good Causes

Believe it or not, there is a charity event of some sort practically every single day in London and in most cases more than one. There are huge events like the London Marathon as well as smaller events such as the MS Walk in Battersea Park and Dog Job in Victoria Park. There are so many great causes promoted by Londoners each and every day.

There are thousands of volunteers involved in these events and so many others, London truly is a great city.


There Are So Many Communities

If you have a particular interest or set of beliefs, there’s often an opportunity to find like-minded people in London. There are lots of communities that tend to have like-minded individuals like art, music, or business. There are also plenty of groups available online that have details on how to join specific groups with similar interests.


Londoners Band Together

While using the public transportation in London, one will be amazed at a few things. One, it is incredibly crowded and a ton of people utilize them every single day. But two, if someone notices that another passenger needs a seat more than they do, Londoners will offer it. They will also help if anyone needs directions or recommendations about whatever they seek.


Londoners Have a Lot to Teach

With more than forty higher education centers across London and over 400,000 students living in the city, Londoners are among the most educated citizens in the world. There are over 300 languages spoken in London as well. We all come from different backgrounds and different cultures and can easily learn from one another. Londoners are always looking for new experiences and ways to be more inclusive.

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