New to London?

Here are 5 top expert expat tips to help you jumpstart (literally) your new life in London.

Adjusting to life in a new place is hard, no matter where or what that place is. So if you’re moving to London, it’s a safe bet that you’re experiencing those dreaded pangs of moving anxiety. The fact that you’re moving to London may intensify or lessen such hesitation. Of course this depends on how you feel about our beautiful, cosmopolitan home. For what it’s worth London Relocation is happy that you’re moving here, so you should be too!

Don’t be a Lazy EXPAT …Leave your FLAT!

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It could be Netflix, or it could be the new, fabulous apartment London Relocation found in one day but becoming a homebody when you’re in a new, foreign city is a tempting option. Although we are not against downtime, relying on it when you’re new to London is not the best idea. The only way to feel truly settled in this exhilarating city is to go out and see it! Plus, there is no better place to have some fun. What other city has a GIANT, adult-sized bouncy castle?

New to London, New to Life!

Making the most of a city is easier said then done. So we’ve made you a list of five tips that will help you to experience the best of what we have to offer. We are convinced that if you practice these five tips, you will be a well-adjusted expat in no time!

Tip #1: Go See Art!

There are so many free museums and art galleries around London. Going to see art is one of the best (and cheapest!) ways to see the city. This is an especially great thing to do if you are moving to London alone and have yet to make exciting, new English friends. We recommend checking out the British Museum (one of the world’s oldest!), the National Gallery, and the Tate first… but trust us in London every museum is worth seeing.

Tip #2: Get off your Phone!

Yes, if you’re in a new city (probably lost, probably alone) using your Google Maps, or scrolling through Facebook may be easier than looking up and acknowledging your fellow city-dwellers. Don’t. Do. It. Look out and enjoy the goings-on of your new cosmopolitan wonderland. If you get lost whilst phone-less, asking for directions might be a great way to meet someone new! Also if you are looking at London instead of at your phone you are destined to see pubs, restaurants and other haunts that you may want to explore…

Tip #3: Say Yes!

new to london say yes

Sleep can wait. Sometimes a late-night adventure is the best way to fully acclimate in a new environment. If you’re out and considering leaving the pub early, don’t! If you leave early, you will miss something. There is no better way to see the ‘real’ side of London than to stay out late! Plus, seeing the underworld of London will make the daytime feel like Elysium. This ‘say yes’ rule applies to nights out with co-workers, first dates, new friends, etc. It will be worth it, because being out past an appropriate time will make you feel happier and more comfortable in you new, London home.

Tip #4: Find Peace!

Even if you’ve lived in a city before London, it’s important to have some time away from this place’s chaos. Firstly, you might want to purchase earplugs, because you never know when the neighbors above you or the crowd outside your building might make noise at an unholy hour. Another way is to get outside. There are loads of green spaces around London, like Hyde Park and Primrose Hill. In the winter when it’s too cold to picnic, we recommend you take a walk across the Waterloo Bridge. It’s gorgeous and sparkling like a Fitzgerald novel.

Tip #5: Break the Ice!

There is an unfair stereotype about Londoners, and that is that they aren’t friendly. This is not true. However, what is true that when you’re new to London that it might be your responsibility to make the first social move. Once the ice has been broken, most Londoners are typically receptive and friendly. The weather is always a great topic of conversation because every Londoner has something to say about it…just don’t you actually dare complain about it 🙂

Now go put this advice into practice!

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