Living in London means that you’ll have done all of the major tourist attractions when you arrive. After that you need to savor the experience of living in London, and get out of your apartment to discover the hidden cultural treasures that the city has to offer. These can range from interesting museums that offer an eclectic view of modern design and art, to interesting pubs, restaurants and other cultural activities. Living here means that you reside in one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities. It’s time to get out and see what London has hidden away for your pleasure. Here are two hidden treasures of the London cultural scene that are well worth a visit.

Secret Cinema

This is a monthly event. You get to go to the most unusual locations to watch films from all over the world. They include art installations and live lectures about the films and the whole evening is an exercise in art, culture and intrigue. You never know what film is going to be shown until you arrive, but that is part of the adventure. Diverse locations such as open air parks, and disused railway stations are all part of the mystery and thrill of a Secret Cinema evening out.

Street Art

Much of the avant garde art scene is found in the most unusual of places: the street. Taking a tour of the graffiti culture that has made it famous is a fascinating look at a side of the city that you may not have noticed before. Famous street artists include Banksy, Space Invader and D*Face. The wonderful aspect of Street Art tours is that the installations are ever changing as is the canvas. Each tour is unique and captures a slice of what is happening in the art scene.

There are many wonderful things to do when you are living here, the only way to immerse yourself in this multi-cultural city is to get out there and find the action.


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