When planning a visit to London, the allure of being pampered in a hotel room can be mesmerizing. However, those beautiful photos you find on the internet or in brochures generally end up causing a feeling of disappointment when you arrive and you often find the quarters to be smaller and less nice than expected. On top of that, there is the added expense and inconvenience of eating out every single meal.

If you plan on staying a week or longer then a much better alternative to hotel living is acquiring London short term rentals. Such accommodations provide visitors to this wonderful city a variety of advantages that do not exist with hotel rooms.

Eat Like Royalty

When you choose London short term rentals over hotels, you get to eat like royalty. There is a very good reason for this. Such rentals contain fully functional kitchenettes or full-sized kitchens so you can buy your own food and make your own meals. You not only eat cheaper, but much healthier as well.

A good example that will give you an idea of how much can be saved is a grilled cheese sandwich in the streets will run you £3-5. This one step alone will save you a nice amount of cash that can be spent on elaborate dishes at top restaurants making your experience even richer.

Feels More Like Home

There is generally much more space in London short term rentals than in mere hotel rooms. Such accommodations are often small or full-sized apartments which give you more elbow room for moving about or entertaining newly met guests as well as extra rooms for children.

Many short term rentals also have access to gardens, yards, and nearby or adjacent parks which can be enjoyed. The bottom line is short term rentals provide you with more of a feeling of home while visiting this beautiful city.

Get the Real City Experience

London short term rentals are normally located in regular British neighborhoods which provide quite a different experience than the fancy hotels situated mostly around high tourist areas. Because many of them are converted floors or rooms of established homes, such short term accommodations allow you a unique opportunity to see London in a more realistic way and brush elbows with real British residents.

Don’t worry, however, you can still see all the top attractions and go to all the hot spots that are either located near London short term rentals or by utilizing the city’s well organized transportation systems.

How to Locate Short Term Rentals

If you’re interested in spending your time in UK’s capital like a local in areas that put you in touch with the city’s heartbeat, saving money on food and even rent, living in quarters that are more like home and less like a cracker box, and yet close to either all the big attractions or transportation links that can take you there, contact an agent at London Relocation Services.

We keep up to date on what accommodations are available in the city as well as the going rates. Therefore, our consultants can help you locate London short term rentals in the area of the city you prefer as well as in the price range that fits your budget. Contact us today and start planning your Royal City getaway!

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