London flats are a requirement for those moving to the city for long term stays regardless if it’s for attending school, relocating with a company, or just to enjoy the culture for awhile. Finding a suitable flat can either drive you mad or be an easy and adventurous hunt if you follow a few rules of the “jungle”. Here are some tips to make your hunt for London flats a success.

Where to Start

The capital of the UK is largest city in Europe and quite busy. If you begin flat hunting helter-skelter then you will end up running in circles and, if you do find a flat, you may end up living a long distance from your university or job which would cost you oodles in transportation even if you saved some money on your rent.

Therefore, the first step in landing suitable London flats is to decide in which area of the city you want to live. There are 32 boroughs to choose from, all of which have pleasant neighborhoods. The area you choose should ideally be nearby school or work. However, if you can’t find a reasonably priced flat or one with amenities you require, don’t panic. There are suitable flats in other areas that may have to serve as temporary quarters while you continue your hunt (just don’t get stuck in a long lease), or you may explore the option of living in with a flatmate for a short time.

Watch Out for Savage Scammers

While hunting for London flats, you have to beware of scammers that offer deals that are just too good to be true, don’t actually exist, or are grossly misrepresented. Some online sites are notorious for scams and not all newspaper or other types of advertisements can be trusted either.

Therefore, ensure that you investigate the source and ask to view the premises before agreeing to move in. The flat should be what it was advertised to be since some ads may say that the flat comes with a bedroom when it is simply a pullout sofa bed, etc. Also, be sure to check that the electricity, gas, and plumbing are in good shape as many London flats exist in old structures. A little bit of leg work can save you a mountain of headaches. When you do find a flat you’re interested in, ensure you get all the details and that they are clearly represented in a rental contract.

Reach Out for a Helping Hand

If you find that the process of hunting for London flats is too involved and intimidating or you just don’t have the time to sort through and view dozens of listings, contact a reputable housing location agency such as London Relocation Specialists.

When you leave flat hunting with us, we take care of all the footwork, locate available London flats that meet your criteria, and provide you with a verified shortlist from which you can select. But more than that, we can also assist you with getting visas, moving your belongings, and provide you with cultural, transportation, and other information so can fit into the London landscape faster.

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