Of course a London relocation agency is going to advise you to rent flats—derr! That’s how we afford our own place and put food in our mouths :)—but that alone is not our property tip today. If you read the title closely, it says, “Rent London Apartments NOW!” [note the use of bold + italics + all caps to emphasize my point]

One doesn’t have to be a property market expert to know that here, as elsewhere in the world, apartment rentals slow down in the middle of winter, especially around the holidays. Woe are the landlords, then, when they can’t get their property to turn over in December. This dormancy is thus a great motivation for these landlords to be more open to negotiation than they are when the pickin’s are better. Summer spoils them, but Winter is their fickle mistress.

This directly translates into an awesome deal for you on rent. Not only might you be able to haggle a lower price per week, but many landlords are offering holiday bonuses to tenants of 50% off the first month’s rent if you move in by 31 December! That could figure as a savings of around ¬£1,000 on average, so it’s nothing to sneeze at (unless you’ve caught a cold in these chilly temps—in which case, bless you!) .

So what are you waiting for? If you’re moving to London now, release the hounds and sniff out that landlord desperation! There are flats to be let—andal√©!

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