So, do you remember any of your resolutions form last New Year’s Eve? Yes, you remember the haze of the alcohol and the way everything you said was absolutely hilarious and that you managed not one but two, or was it three, kisses at midnight. Some of them you might because if you’re like me some of them are the same each and every year. Such as, I want to get in better shape so I’ll get a gym membership or I want to lose weight or quit smoking. Those are kind of staples in the canon of all resolutions, right? Maybe you wanted to learn a new language. It’s important in this increasingly diverse city know more than one language. All of those are great resolutions but what about the one you said was important to you while under the influence of pounding industrial dance music and the haze of the wine? Yeah, that one. Can’t quite remember it? Well, let me refresh your memory. You said you wanted a hobby. That’s right. A hobby. No, I’m not talking about something lame. I’m talking about a hobby that’s a conversation starter. Something quirky. Something awesome.

So, what kind of things am I talking about? Well, definitely not knitting. Not complaining or putting down knitting, heaven knows I like my knit caps and scarves when the winds blowing around the Big Smoke, but those are not for me. And not for you either.

Why is that?

Well, because nobody does that anymore. Everybody is into all of these crazy things from renaissance art recreation to medieval combat. So, it’s time to join the cool kids club. You know the one you’ve never been part of? Right. The one with the secret handshake and awesome clubhouse. So, listen up if you want to join.

There are so many quirky hobbies to pick up all across London. Just pick one from the list below and you can’t go wrong. And just think, the next time you meet someone new you can tell them all about your amazing new quirky hobby that you enjoy doing. You’ll win originality points I guarantee it.

1. Circus Stunts

Go ahead and read that again, because I’m sure you think it’s typo of some kind, but it isn’t. For those who have longed to be a gymnast spilling across the floor in a flurry of perfectly executed twists and turns, this might be for you. I was never good enough to be a gymnast, instead opting to stand out in my chess club. Yeah, and you wonder why I have no friends.

Well, believe it or not if you’ve always dreamed of running away and joining the circus, now is your change. No, really. I’m not kidding. You can join the circus and enjoy the circus life. The National Center for Circus Arts is willing to let you tap into your inner clown and learn a series of newbie friendly acrobatic moves at an introductory level. Trust me, they won’t break your neck. The initial classes start around 249 quid. Just think. This could be your ticket to du Soleil.


2. Weaving

We’ve all done it. We’re looking for the perfect jacket or knit hat or scarf but none of the stores have it. We can shop our little hearts out and come away with nothing. Or maybe not. Maybe the perfect coat, scarf, or hat isn’t out there because it hasn’t been made yet. Yeah, I realize it sounds like some far east philosophy, doesn’t it? But it’s true. If you’re looking for the perfect accessory or coat why not make it yourself? It would be made to your exacting specifications right down to the finest detail.

Well, you’re in luck because at the London Loom their classes show that even a 7-year-old can excel at their various workshops. Seeing that in print makes me think it might be possible for me to be successful at making one of those items. Come join me.


3. Terrarium-building

If you’re looking for the perfect accent to your home and you’ve exhausted all the possible purchases of couches, rugs, art, and other furniture, then why not add an accent piece in the form of a terrarium?

Think about the added color and wonder of having a green-filled terrarium just waiting on an end table, waiting for the conversation to start? Think of it. It’s your wingman without even having to bring another person in on the equation.

Terrariums have become somewhat of a go-to item, with various classes and places of business offering to share tips on how to build the perfect one. But don’t fret. Even if it isn’t perfect, I’m sure it’ll do the trick to break the ice and get the conversation flowing.


4. Quidditch

So, you want something a little more outgoing? Sure, I get it. Well, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, and honestly who isn’t, then I’ve got the thing just for you. When I found out there was a place to actually learn and play Quidditch I about lost my mind. And believe it not, I wasn’t the only one. There is a place where other like-minded people come to play an imaginary game involving brooms and magic balls. How can you not want to try this?

Now, keep in mind, this is not some cosplaying get together where everybody sits around in robes and pontificates about the imaginary game. No, not at all. These guys are serious. There are a whole host of athletic geeks who partake of this game involving perception, skill, and determination.

5. Pyrography

So, the previous four things are a little tame, you say? A little on the boring side? Well, I challenge you to say the same thing about the final entry on the list.

This class will blow your mind. It teaches you how to create art with fire. Right. Fire. I said it. Do you need to read it again

Think about the next get together at the pub when John brags about his score throwing darts and you say that you are a fire artist? Yeah, thought so.



So that does it for the list. Give them a try and get yourself a hobby!

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