I’m almost done with my resolutions for 2019. Learn Spanish? Check. Quit smoking? For the 5th year in a row – check. Resume my gym membership and get in shape before summer? Check, check, check!

What am I missing?

Oh, right. I need a new hobby. But I don’t want it to be boring or trivial. I don’t want it to be lame. I need something special, something cool, quirky even.

Why? Because everyone and their mother is doing something out of the ordinary right now from renaissance art recreation to medieval combat recreation. I want to join the “cool kids club” in 2019. Who doesn’t?

Luckily, London’s got me covered in the quirky department. Below are the options I’ll be choosing from.

Can you help me choose one? Pretty please? If not for anything else, perhaps you’ll find something that tickles your fancy in the list below.

1. Circus stunts

I always thought I’d make for one hell of a gymnast one day. And I never did anything about it. My parents never thought there would be any good from it so I “gladly” went to a chess club. Because that helped me out a lot IRL.

Well, the National Center for Circus Arts is willing to help me live out my childhood dreams for as little as 249 quid. They offer a series of introductory courses to acrobatics that are newbie friendly. At least they say they are.

I’m a newbie so I guess it works for me. Wait up, du Soleil. Here I come!

2. Weaving

Do you know all these times when you are out shopping with a pitch-perfect coat in your mind but none of the stores have it? If you are anything like me its because the “perfect” coat is a figment of your bizarre imagination and there isn’t another person in the world bold enough to make it.

Why not make it yourself then?

According to The London Loom, even a 6-year-old can excel at their workshops. So maybe, just maybe, I won’t fail miserably.

Look, mom – I’ll be a fancy fashion designer soon!

3. Terrarium-building

I always feel like my flat is missing something green and pretty. But I still can’t learn to be a functioning adult so watering plants is out of the question. And cactuses will only get you so far.

A green-filled terrarium composition or fancy moss in a bottle as some might call it is a self-contained ecosystem that will look great no matter what. I should start making those with some help from the pros.

On a side note, these green babies are made to sell like hot cupcakes on Instagram so, if not for anything else, I might consider making as an extra source of income. You can never have too much money in London.

4. Quidditch

The Harry Potter fan in me literally screamed out loud when I learned that there are Quidditch sessions in London! Yep, we have people who play an entirely fictional game that involves flying brooms and magic balls.

God, I love London!

That noted, London Unspeakables don’t mess around. Don’t expect to see a bunch of cosplaying geeks in robes playing an imaginary game. Do expect to see a whole lot of really athletic geeks who partake in a serious sports activity that takes resilience, perception, skill, and determination.

PS: Bludger balls hit really hard.

5. Pyrography

There is a class that teaches you to write with fire.



Bloody fire!

How metal is that?

I’ll be able to make art with one of the basic elements of nature. And not the lame one like… err, ground. Sure the art is mostly about making good use of professional, heated tools, but who cares if you can say you draw with literal fire on the next uni reunion?



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