Work and Life in London After Graduation

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01 Work and Life in London After Graduation

Life in London

When it comes to finding the right job in London, the possibilities are endless. Yes, there are plenty of amazing job opportunities in London, whether you are new to the working field and coming fresh out of college, or if you have already had tons of experience when it comes to work but are simply looking for something new, there is always something for you to do. No matter what field you are interested in, whether you are an artist, a journalist, a scientist, a banker, a baker and so much more. London is a melting pot of not only cultures and people from all over the world, but of opportunities as well. Contact us to learn more about london relocation

Studies have shown that the United Kingdom is the second most sought-after destination for international students after graduation next to the United States. This is simply due to the fact that London offers a high quality of life as well as great employment opportunities for recent graduates out there. While it may be tough to find the perfect job straight out of college, there are still many ways you can support yourself while on that sometimes dreadful job hunt. It is no secret that the competition is high when it comes to finding a good job, that goes for anywhere in the world, not only for Londoners. With that being said, should a recent graduate really stay in London if the competition for jobs is so high? The short answer: yes, and here are a few simple reasons to back up this answer:


1. There are opportunities everywhere

As previously mentioned, though there is some competition in finding the perfect job, that does not mean that there is not a job out there for you in the meantime. Many Londoners have mentioned that even working a few shifts at a local pub had been a huge help to help while they were looking for more permanent work. Many have also added that the freedom to stay and do some casual work for as long as they needed as they were job hunting was a major stress reducer and was truly a great privilege to have. This brings us to reason number two below.


2. The Neighborhoods

Again, London is a huge melting pot of different cultures. There are so many neighborhoods that will help you feel right at home, as there is truly a place for everyone and anyone. Whether you consider yourself to be an artist, a fashion influencer, or perhaps even a corporate boss, it is almost guaranteed that you can find the best neighborhood that best suits your lifestyle needs as well as your job and fashion needs, if we are getting down to the real truth here. Not to mention the fact that you will never be bored. After you have found the perfect neighborhood to settle into and call home, you are left with a large variety of others to explore for those much-needed nights out on the town after work, because, yes, you will find work. From Little Venice to Shoreditch to Chinatown, you will never run out of options to take your newly graduated friends.


3. The Transportation Scene

The many different neighborhoods and cities to explore brings us directly to: the transportation hub in London. Many people like to say that London is the best-connected city in all of Europe, and truthfully, they are not wrong. From a well-organized underground system, to the trains, buses and taxis and walking trails alike, there is always another way to get to where you need to go. On top of that, where do you want to go? Have you ever considered traveling down to Paris for two days? Fortunately for Londoners that has never been a problem. All it takes is a quick train ride or even a quick plane ride, because again, the possibilities are endless. So, if you are considering moving out of London due to any job competition, consider the fact the London has a transportation system to beat.


4. The education department is excellent in London

Whether you just graduated and are looking for a job or want to expand your education even more, you do not have to leave London to do so. While Oxford University and Cambridge are both technically located outside of London, they are still worth mentioning due to their high reputation and excellent opportunities. With that being said, there are plenty of other great universities in London where you can expand your education after graduating such as UCL or LSE, because it is truly never going to be too late or too early to go back to school.


5. The creative opportunities are endless

Last but certainly not least on this list of reasons to stay in London after graduating is the fact that the opportunities are endless. Did we already mention this? Yes, and that is simply because it is a true fact. When talking about creative opportunities, let’s face it, you will always be inspired. With so many beautiful landmarks and natural sights to see, you will always be left in amazement or inspired for your next art piece. Therefore, if you have just graduated college and are looking for work in the creative field, you might want to stay here in London. Breaking into the industry, whether it be writing, acting, photography, art or design work, you are most likely to succeed right here in the city. However, if you are not looking for a job in the creative field after school, this still applies to you, because who doesn’t love a good art scene?


These are just a few of the many reasons and truths about what makes living in London so great, especially for those who have just graduated from college. As previously mentioned, competition may be tough for the perfect job, depending on what field you have decided to go into, but the possibilities and opportunities remain endless.

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