Will I Pass References to Rent in London if I Work for a US Company?

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Will I Pass References to Rent in London if I Work for a US Company? Relocating to London poses unique challenges and opportunities, especially when it comes to the rental market. One common concern for expatriates is whether employment with a US company will affect their ability to pass reference checks for London rentals. This guide offers advice on securing your London home with a US-based employer.

Understanding Rental References in London

Rental references are a standard part of the application process, designed to assure landlords of your reliability and financial stability. For those employed by a US company, there may be extra steps to ensure your reference is accepted.

Documentation Needed from a US Employer

The key is to provide comprehensive documentation that meets or exceeds local expectations. This typically includes:

  • Proof of Employment: A letter from your employer stating your position, salary, and the length of your employment.
  • Salary Slips: Recent pay slips, preferably the last three months.
  • Bank Statements: Demonstrating regular income and financial responsibility.
  • Tax Returns: Optionally, your most recent tax return can provide additional proof of income.

Tips for International Professionals

  • Communicate with Your Employer: Ensure they’re prepared to provide the necessary documentation promptly.
  • Use a Guarantor if Necessary: If there are concerns about verifying income internationally, a UK-based guarantor can bolster your application.
  • Prepare for Currency Questions: Be ready to explain any currency conversions and provide evidence of your ability to afford the rent in GBP.

business woman Will I Pass References to Rent in London if I Work for a US Company?

Renting in London with a US Employer

Having a US-based employer does not inherently disadvantage you in the London rental market. The key is preparation and understanding what landlords and letting agents require for successful reference checks.

How londonrelocation.com Can Help

LondonRelocation.com specialises in assisting individuals moving to London, including those with employment outside the UK. They can guide you through the rental process, ensuring your documentation is in order, and even negotiate on your behalf to address any concerns landlords might have about international employment.


  • Will my US salary be accepted for a London rental? Yes, as long as you can provide documentation that demonstrates your income and its stability.
  • What if my US employer cannot provide references in the format required? Discuss with your letting agent or landlord the types of documentation accepted as alternatives.
  • How can I make my application stand out? Provide clear, comprehensive documentation, offer references from previous landlords if available, and consider a UK guarantor to strengthen your application.
  • Can LondonRelocation.com help if I’m self-employed with a US company? They offer tailored advice and support for self-employed individuals, including those with businesses based outside the UK.



So, Will I Pass References to Rent in London if I Work for a US Company? Renting in London with a US-based employer is entirely possible with the right approach to reference checks. By understanding the requirements and preparing your documentation accordingly, you can navigate the process smoothly. Services like LondonRelocation.com provide invaluable support, ensuring you find the perfect rental in London regardless of where your employer is based.

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