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So, Where Can I Find Modern Apartments in London? London’s architectural landscape is a blend of historic charm and modern innovation, offering a wide range of living options for those seeking contemporary comfort and design. Modern apartments in London provide not just a place to live, but a lifestyle choice favoured by many. This guide will navigate you through finding these modern marvels in the city.

London’s Modern Living Spaces

Modern apartments in London are characterised by sleek design, innovative amenities, and strategic locations. These properties cater to those who appreciate aesthetic appeal alongside functional living.

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Areas Known for Modern Apartment Blocks

  • Canary Wharf: Known for its skyscrapers and professional crowd, offering luxury apartments with stunning city views.
  • South Bank: A cultural hub with contemporary flats close to the Thames and major attractions.
  • The City: London’s financial district, home to high-end newly built apartments amidst historic sites.
  • East London: Areas like Shoreditch and Hackney are popular for their vibrant art scene and modern conversions.

Canary Wharf

Benefits of Living in Contemporary Flats

  • Amenities: Many modern apartments come with amenities like gyms, concierge services, and communal spaces.
  • Energy Efficiency: New builds are often more energy-efficient, potentially lowering utility bills.
  • Location: Contemporary flats are typically situated in areas with excellent transport links and proximity to work and leisure.

Finding Modern Apartments in London

  • Online Property Portals: Do a bit of window shopping on websites that feature extensive listings of modern apartments.
  • Estate Agents: Specialised agents can provide insights into new developments and exclusive listings like
  • Developer Showrooms: Visiting the showrooms of property developers can offer a firsthand look at upcoming projects.

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How Can Help

Finding the perfect modern apartment in London can be daunting, especially for those relocating from abroad. offers personalised services to streamline this process:

  • Personalised Property Searches: Tailored to your preferences for style, location, and amenities.
  • Area Guides: Insightful information on London’s neighbourhoods and what they offer in terms of contemporary living.
  • Viewing and Negotiation Assistance: Help in arranging viewings, even virtually, and negotiating lease terms on your behalf.


  • Are modern apartments in London more expensive? Prices can vary widely, but modern amenities and locations often command a premium.
  • Can I find modern apartments outside of central London? Areas further from the city centre are developing rapidly, offering modern living at a range of price points.
  • What should I consider when looking for a modern apartment? Consider the balance between location, amenities, and budget. Prioritize what aspects of modern living are most important to you.
  • How long does it take to secure a modern apartment in London? The market moves quickly, but with clear criteria and the right help, you can find your new home in a matter of weeks.


Modern apartments in London cater to a wide range of tastes and needs, offering everything from minimalist design to luxury amenities. Whether you’re drawn to the buzzing heart of the city or the creative spirit of the East, London has a contemporary living space for you. With the right approach and assistance from, you’ll find the perfect modern apartment to call home.

Let’s check out your choices.

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