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Council tax is a local taxation system in the UK, charged on domestic properties to fund local services. Understanding this tax is crucial for anyone planning to live in London, especially renters from abroad.

So What Is It?

It’s tax is collected by local authorities to cover the cost of services such as rubbish collection, policing, and fire services. Each household is required to pay, with the amount based on the property value and the number of occupants.

How Council Tax is Calculated in London

The amount of council tax you owe in London depends on two key factors: the valuation band of your property and the specific rates set by your local council. Properties are placed into one of eight bands (A to H) based on their value as of April 1, 1991.

Who is Responsible for Paying?

Typically, the person living in the property is responsible for paying council tax. For renters, this means the tenant, not the landlord, is usually liable for the council tax bill, unless stated otherwise in the rental agreement.

Council Tax Bands in London

Each London borough has its own set of council tax bands. The band into which your property falls will significantly affect how much council tax you need to pay annually.

Exemptions and Discounts

Certain properties and individuals may be eligible for council tax discounts or exemptions. For example, students, people living alone, and those on low income might qualify for reduced council tax.

How to Pay

Council tax can be paid monthly or annually, with various payment methods available, including direct debit, online payments, or even in person at designated locations like your bank or local post office.

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Understanding Council Tax Bills

A council tax bill outlines the amount due, how it was calculated, and how and when to pay. It’s important to review your bill carefully to ensure accuracy and understand your payment options.

How Can Assist can help you understand the nuances of council tax as part of your move to London. They provide guidance on assessing your likely council tax band and how to factor these costs into your budget.

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  • How do I know my council tax band in London? Your council tax band is listed on your council tax bill or can be found online through the Valuation Office Agency.
  • Can I challenge my council tax band? Yes, if you believe your council tax band is incorrect, you can challenge it through the Valuation Office Agency.
  • Are there any penalties for late council tax payments? Late payments can result in penalties and legal action, so it’s important to pay on time.
  • How can students apply for a council tax exemption? Students need to apply through their local council, providing proof of their full-time student status.
  • What happens if I move out of my rental property? You should inform your local council of any move to adjust your council tax bill accordingly.


Council tax is a significant part of living expenses in London. Understanding how it works, who is responsible for paying it, and how to manage your bills is essential for a smooth transition to life in the UK. With the help of services like, navigating the complexities of council tax can be much simpler, allowing you to focus on settling into your new home.

Let’s get started.

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