Expats Moving to London

With only four weeks left until you are moving to London, you’ll have a whole list of things that you need to get done. This is the most important time for sorting out things in your country of origin as well as aspects of paperwork that will make your arrival so much easier.

3 Things To Do Before You Move To London

Cancel Contracts: This is the time you need to cancel all of your contracts in your country of origin. You need to make a list of all of the contracts that you have running and cancel them in writing.

Make sure that you confirm the cancellation so you don’t rack up bills while you’re away. Examples of contracts that need cancelling are gym memberships, cell phone contracts and rental agreements. If you’re paying back loans to the bank, you’ll have to inform the bank that you are leaving the country and put in place a system of being able to make payments to cover your loan agreements.

Medical Matters: Make sure that you get a full medical history from your current doctor before your move. If you have a condition that requires ongoing treatment and prescriptions that it is vital that you have a full history to give to your new NHS doctor. Registering with a doctor as soon as you are settled into your new flat is very important.

New Address: Even if you don’t have a permanent address before you leave, it is important to have a physical address in your country of origin where you can redirect your mail. Choose a friend or family member who is prepared to be your mail clearing house while you’re abroad. You can always change your details if you want to forward your mail, but it is still useful in terms of official mail, to have an address in your country of origin.

Getting ready for your move before the time is the biggest guarantee of a smooth experience when you’re moving to London.



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