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Moving To London For Work

Are you considering moving to London for work? Perhaps you’re wondering how to handle relocating your employees there instead. Whether you’re the one planning the move for yourself or are juggling the logistics of corporate relocation, we can help. There are some tips to keep in mind to help make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. We’ll also detail some services that specialize in helping to plan and execute a corporate relocation. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at relocating to London and how executives and employees can handle the planning process. Contact us to learn more about london flat rental

Corporate Relocation to London

corporate relocation to london

There are many reasons to love London. The city itself is incredibly impressive, with millions of people hailing from all corners of the globe. It’s also home to some of the world’s oldest businesses and academic institutions. Moving to London for work can be an incredible experience that begins an entirely new chapter of your life, but it can also be an incredibly stressful time. That’s perhaps equally true if you’re the one planning the move for someone else. Being responsible for moving someone and getting them settled in a new location can be incredibly daunting! But the city and the professional options it has to offer make the move more than worth it.

Tips for Executives

If you’re an executive planning your employee’s relocation, there are a few things to keep in mind. Your employees will likely be nervous about making such a big move, so anything you can do to help make the experience an easier one will be welcomed. Your first order of business, then, should be to prepare your employees for the move. Give them information about the city and the office in which they’ll be working. That includes potentially connecting them with employees working in the new office. Even that little bit of familiarity can help start their journey off right.

The next thing you need to do is ensure that your relocation package or policy is clear and detailed. The last thing you want is an employee who is panicking because they misunderstood the policy and can’t afford to cover the move as a result. How are you going to compensate your employee for moving and will you be paying for part of the move? These are questions that your employees are sure to ask. Remember that building a strong, focused work environment is something that is forged through trust, so be open and honest about what your employees can expect. This is especially true when it comes to the duration of the relocation. If it’s a temporary one, you’ll need to be clear with your employee about how you see the move fitting into their overall place in your business.

Finally, do everything you can to help your employees make the necessary arrangements. This is beneficial for a few different reasons. It gives your employees more time to focus on business, first of all, which means you’re likely to experience less downtime as the move is planned and in process. Helping your employees plan their relocation also ensures that the plans that are made will make sense and are organized as much as possible. That includes making airline and shipping arrangements.

The effort that you put into your employees’ move is less effort they’ll have to expend once they’ve arrived at the new office. Help minimize downtime and make the smooth an efficient one.

Tips for Employees

Are you relocating to London? Congratulations! The city is full of incredible things to see and plenty of entertainment to keep you busy. All you have to do is make them in one piece. To help you accomplish that goal, we have some advice. First of all, do your best to become acquainted with the area where you’ll be living. There are many resources online that talk about various cities in London and what you can expect from the community and the nightlife, so take advantage of them. You’ll adjust more quickly when you already know what you’re moving into.

This next tip is particularly important if you’re not the only person moving. Remember that this relocation is not all about you. Your family is moving, too, and they’ll have adjustments to make in their lives as they adjust to living a world away from the United States. Take your time and find the best location possible to settle with your family. That includes picking schools that will welcome your children with open arms and help keep their studies on track with minimal disruption. International schools, for example, are great choices for students moving from the States. If your family is happy, they’ll adjust more quickly, and you’ll find it easier to settle into your new professional role.

Finally, be prepared for the cost of living in the city. Even if you move to a suburb, you might find that things in London are more expensive than you’re used to. Your income will eventually adjust to the change in the cost of living but consider saving as much as possible before you make the actual move itself. Having a surplus of cash, even if it’s a modest one, will help alleviate stress and enable you to do a little sightseeing when you’re not working.

Corporate Relocation Services

Corporate relocation services can help make moving to London for work easier for employees and employers alike. They can help take care of the logistics of the move so that you can focus on business and on settling into your new community. Let’s take a closer look at the kind of help they can provide.

Housing Search

finding a london flat

A corporate relocation service makes moving easier by helping you find a home in the city (or suburb, if you prefer). London is an incredibly large city with many different neighborhoods and expenses to consider, so it makes sense to hire a service with expertise in the area rather than wading into the housing search blindly. This kind of service will also make sure the details of the lease are completed properly so that there is minimal downtime between the move and returning to work in full force.

School Search

We’ve talked about the importance of keeping family in mind when planning a relocation for work, so this recommendation shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you’re moving with your family, investing in a corporate relocation service (or asking your employer to do the same) is a good decision. They can help you find not only the right place to live but also the right place to send your child to school.

Settling-in Service

Perhaps one of the most important services offered by a corporate relocation service is a “settling-in service”. When people move within their home country, it’s not unusual for one detail or another – like transferring internet service or having the water turned on – to fall under the radar. When you’re moving to a new country, however, those kinds of errors become much more time-consuming and stressful to remedy. Settling-in services help ensure that your new home is move-in ready and that you know where to head for groceries and orientation tours, too.

Moving to London to Work

London is one of the top destinations in the world. Between its long history, rich and diverse culture, and interesting employment options, it’s not hard to see why. Indeed, moving to London from the United States for work is a prospect that is becoming a bit more common than it was in the past. Are you getting ready to make the trip? If so, you’re in for an incredible adventure. With that said, it’s important that you take some time to plan the move carefully, especially if you’re bringing the family along.

Known for its excellence in academics, London has many different schools to meet your needs. Whether you’re hoping to find something that caters to international students or would prefer a private school, there is a great educational option that will give your child the best chance possible to succeed. Let’s take a look at how to find the right school for your family.

School Search

Searching for the right schools for your children should be a top priority, and there are plenty of options in the city. London is one of the premier destinations for young academics, after all, as briefly mentioned above. You might find that the way schooling is structured in the U.K. is a bit different than what you’re used to in the States, however, which is why we’re going to break down its organization.

The school system in the U.K. consists of schools that fit three broad categories. These are state schools, international schools, and private schools.

State Schools

State schools in the U.K. can be compared to public schools in the United States. The curriculum is administered by local education authorities, and the schools themselves are primarily funded by taxes. When it comes to the quality of education you can expect to find at this type of school; the fact is that it can vary quite a bit from neighborhood to neighborhood. With that said, some state schools are well-known for academic excellence and provide exacting education at affordable prices. The only potential downside is that the waiting list for particularly prestigious state schools can be long. If you’re interested in this kind of school for your child, make sure that you register on the waiting list as soon as possible.

International Schools

International schools are an interesting choice. They are especially popular with families that have moved to London from a different country. That’s because international schools, as the name implies, focus on the curriculum found in other countries. Many international schools offer American SAT testing, for example, as well as providing an international baccalaureate education program. Many international schools also have instruction in a wide variety of different languages. The goal is to help the students maintain proficiency in their native language while still acclimating to the English language.

If you’d like your child to follow a more familiar curriculum than they might find in state schools, then international schools might be a great fit.

Private Schools

Also known as prep schools, private schools require that the parents pay fees or that the pupil is awarded a scholarship to attend. This concept probably isn’t too foreign to you – private schools are present in the United States, too. Private schools are popular because the level of education they provide their students is especially high. Students are guaranteed to receive careful schooling, in other words, to help them do well in university and beyond. Middle-income families find these schools to be the best option for their children as long as they are willing to pay the fees. Many private schools also offer boarding options in a single-sex or co-educational form.

Popular International Schools in London

Because international schools are so popular among students who have moved to London from the United States, it might be beneficial to familiarize yourself with a few of the more common institutions. There are a few popular options for individuals who wish to enroll their children in immersive educational experiences while in the city. Here are some of the better-known international schools you should look into if you are moving to London for work and would like your child to be comfortable with their curriculum.

Southbank International School

With three separate campuses, Southbank International School is very popular among expats as it offers both an IB Curriculum as well as an American style of learning. For military and contract job workers this is an excellent option for their children that will allow them to continue their studies without disruption. Integrating students while preserving culture is what this school aims to do.

La Petite Ecole Bilingue

This is a fantastic bilingual school that offers students the opportunity to take classes both in English and French. The curriculum is extensive, and the classroom size is small – a plus for attentive students. There is a campus in Kentish Town and one on the outskirts of the city in Oxford, making it convenient for families to reach.

Deutsche Schule London

For German expats and contract workers, this school is fantastic as it helps students integrate into their new surroundings without losing the fabric of their culture. The co-educational aspect of the school, combined with its many extra-curricular activities, continues to attract students from all over the globe. It is a perfect example of London’s attention to the importance of diversity and integration.

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