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Updated 18 June 2024

London, a city steeped in history, is renowned for its captivating tales and eerie legends. Among these, supernatural places in London stand out, attracting countless paranormal enthusiasts each year. According to a 2022 survey by Visit London, 60% of tourists expressed a keen interest in exploring the city’s haunted sites. This fascination with the supernatural has made London a hotspot for ghost tours and spooky explorations. From haunted tube stations to centuries-old cemeteries, the city’s dark past is palpable in every corner. For those daring enough to explore, London offers a plethora of supernatural sites that promise spine-chilling experiences.

Join us as we delve into some of the most haunted places in London, where history and the paranormal intertwine, creating an unforgettable adventure. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, these locations will leave you questioning the unseen forces that linger in this historic city. If you’re planning to move to London, let assist you in finding the perfect home amidst these intriguing supernatural places.

Bethnal Green Underground Tube Station

Bethnal Green Underground Tube Station is one of the most haunted places in London. This station was used as an air-raid shelter during World War II. Tragically, 173 people lost their lives while trying to seek refuge. Their pain and anguish have led to various hauntings. A man working overnight once heard sobbing children and screams echoing throughout the station for more than fifteen minutes.

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, is the world’s most haunted theatre. Built in 1663, it has had more than one ghostly visitor. The most famous ghost is a nobleman from the late 18th century, often seen in a tricorne hat and cloak. He was reportedly stabbed to death, and his remains were hidden inside the theatre walls. Another spirit, Charles Macklin, who killed another actor over a wig, also haunts the backstage area. The famous clown, Joseph Grimaldi, is also said to escort nervous actors around the stage.

Theatre Royal, Haymarket

The Theatre Royal, Haymarket, built in 1720, is the third oldest theatre still in use in London. It’s known for its ghosts and legends. Patrick Stewart once claimed to have seen a ghost during a performance of “Waiting for Godot.” This spirit is believed to be John Baldwin Buckstone, an actor-manager of the theatre and a close friend of Charles Dickens.

Highgate Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery, opened in 1839, is home to around 170,000 graves, including those of Karl Marx, Charles Dickens, and Douglas Adams. The cemetery is infamous for its hauntings. The Highgate Vampire, a 7-foot-tall figure with piercing eyes and a long black coat, is one of the most famous ghosts. A red-eyed ghoul has also been seen peering through the cemetery gates, and an old woman frantically searches for her children’s graves.

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City Of London Cemetery and Crematorium

The City Of London Cemetery and Crematorium, established in 1853, has been the site of many hauntings. An eerie orange light has been seen emanating from one gravestone since the 1970s. Despite investigations, no explanation has been found.

Charterhouse Square

Charterhouse Square in Islington, linked to the Carthusian monastery founded in 1371, became a plague pit during the Bubonic Plague. Over 35,000 bodies were buried there, and their spirits roam the area. One frequently seen ghost is a monk floating around the courtyards, along with the headless Duke of Norfolk, who often descends the main staircase.

The Old Bailey

The Old Bailey, located next to the historic Newgate Gaol prison, is charged with negative energy. The spirit of ‘The Black Dog of Newgate’ is said to haunt this area. This spirit is believed to be a former inmate who was murdered and eaten by his cellmates during a famine in 1596. He appears as a rabid black dog, haunting the Old Bailey.

Greenwich Foot Tunnel

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel, constructed in 1899, crosses beneath the River Thames, linking the Isle of Dogs with Greenwich. Visitors often report unsettling feelings and odd sounds echoing through the 370-meter-long tunnel. Many also claim to feel as though they are being followed while walking through the tunnel.

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Exploring the supernatural places in London is an adventure that blends history with the paranormal. From the haunted corridors of Hampton Court Palace to the eerie atmosphere of the Old Operating Theatre Museum, London is a treasure trove of ghostly encounters and spine-chilling stories. These locations not only highlight the city’s rich historical tapestry but also offer a unique glimpse into its spooky side. For paranormal enthusiasts and curious travelers alike, these supernatural places provide a thrilling journey into the unknown.

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What are some of the most haunted places in London?
Some of the most haunted places in London include Hampton Court Palace, the Bow Bells, Bruce Castle Museum, and the Old Operating Theatre Museum.

Is London known for its haunted locations?
Yes, London is renowned for its many haunted locations, attracting paranormal enthusiasts from around the world.

Can you visit these haunted places?
Yes, most of these haunted locations are open to the public, offering tours and experiences to explore their spooky histories.

What is the scariest haunted place in London?
Hampton Court Palace is often considered the scariest, with numerous ghost sightings and chilling tales of Henry VIII’s wives.

How old is the Old Operating Theatre Museum?
The Old Operating Theatre Museum dates back to 1215 and is one of the oldest surviving operating theatres in the world.

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