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A 21st-century metropolis with iconic, larger-than-life structures, London is a singular city rife with a rich history and historical landmarks that are known to the world. From the historical whispers of the impressive Houses of Parliament, the Big Ben clock tower, and the unforgettable location of the British monarch coronations at Westminster Abbey to the modern London Eye observation wheel, London has always been a city of impressive culture, wealth, and immeasurable pride. Contact us to learn more about london rent flats

As with any sprawling city, eclectic neighborhoods, and boroughs have cropped up like knotted fruit vines weaving throughout the historic city, each full of rich, unique flavors all their own, leaving indelible footprints on the hearts of travelers and inhabitants alike.

Whether you are considering a holiday in this grand city or looking for a place to live, there are countless options. Now, where to begin? Well, right here, of course. Whether you are interested in barreling down London’s unique history or seeking some of her modern-day wares, this great city, like no other, has a neighborhood that will suit you.


Travel Back Through Time: Westminster

No need for a time machine in this city. All one has to do is stand in this neighborhood and feel the ghosts of so many great historical figures whispering around you. Breathe in the history from 10 Downing Street, which is the prime minister’s residence, to Winston Churchill’s secret bunkers to Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, and Big Ben.


Food Lovers Paradise: Hackney

Anyone looking for mouth-watering food of varied flavors should look no further than Hackney. Widely considered a progressive neighborhood, new trends and, thus, new flavors always seem to have their start here. There is a smattering of hipster hangouts sprinkled throughout, emphasizing the experimental nature of numerous supper clubs held hostage by brilliant chefs looking to leave their mark on the culinary landscape. The West End has long been in rarified air concerning restaurant ventures. Whether you are searching for a full meal of flavorful food like no other or simply a quiet coffee from local roasters, Hackney is the neighborhood for you.


Art, Music, and Culture: Peckham

While at one time, Shoreditch reigned supreme over all the creative neighborhoods, it has been dethroned by Peckham. There are no tourist attractions or 5-star hotels, but what it lacks in those points of interest, it more than makes up for a vibrant community spirit. From the impressive art studios and galleries along with countless live music venues, this neighborhood offers everything a creative soul yearns for. There are yoga studios, independent bars, and eclectic coffee shops wedged next door to pubs and restaurants.


One With the Past: Greenwich

This neighborhood located in London’s East End is a popular tourist stop but one which never feels overcrowded. The rich maritime history speaks to visitors and inhabitants alike from locations such as the Greenwich Observatory, the Cutty Sark Clipper, the Maritime Museum, and the Old Royal Navy College. There are over forty impressive food offerings at the Greenwich Market and dozens of artisans selling homemade clothes, jewelry, and arts and crafts. This neighborhood also boasts one of the best offerings of public transportation available in London.


The Place for Families: Bankside

Certainly, there are lots of London suburbs available for families, but there are none quite as wonderful as Bankside. This neighborhood lets families enjoy seeing points of interest without having to utilize public transportation. Whether taking a walk along the South Bank from Waterloo to the historic London Bridge or simply enjoying the riverside views of the Shard and St. Paul’s Cathedrals, there are many family-friendly things to do in this neighborhood. The best part of them? The vast majority of them are free to enjoy.

There are always performances and festivals happening at South Bank Center, and Tate Modern has an incredible permanent collection that is free to enjoy. Visit Shakespeare’s Globe, where many of his plays were performed, as well as the Clink Prison Museum. The aquarium, an IMAX cinema, and the London Eye are all nearby as well.


A Slice of Culture: Soho

Night owls and culture seekers will be delighted by what Soho has to offer. The heartbeat of London, it has a wide variety of restaurants, famous pubs, and miles of eclectic, independent shops. Wedged in a catacomb of alleyways and streets, this is a microcosm of everything London.

Home to the impressive shopping draws of Oxford and Regent Streets, it is also home to artists, musicians, and authors who find the allure of Soho second to none. Anyone in search of original comedy can do no better than Soho Theater, where Britain’s best offers themselves to the spotlight every night.


Getting Away From It All: Hempstead

While most of the neighborhoods mentioned have all been urban, there are locations in London where there are still impressive green spaces. One of those is Hempstead. With over 800 acres of public green spaces spread throughout, there is never a shortage of wonderful flowers in bloom and wildlife to boot. With birds, foxes, and hedgehogs keeping you company, you can take a dip in the famous ponds or visit the home of the famed poet John Keats. With the fresh air and green space, this feels like London in slow motion. More relaxed than the hustle and bustle of London proper, this neighborhood boasts pubs, clothing boutiques, and a bit of fresh air.

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