London Lifehacks That Will Save You A Fortune

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london lifehacks that will save you a fortune

London Lifehacks

What are the two things any Londoner is great at? Complaining and surviving, of course. Contact us to learn more about london rent flats

No, I don’t mean fighting off a bear and eating berries and maggots in a rainforest for a year. I mean the “London style” survival. It is all about being practical (AKA the polite word for cheap), fast and flexible.

So would you like to know about how you can save even more money while living in London? Of course, you do, and in a city with those price tags – who could blame you, lads?

Travel like a pro

The best way to move around London is on your trusty old pair of feet. They are free and fast and can get you into places no public transportation system can. You’d be suppressed, but a lot of Tube stations are easily accessible by walking than by actually taking the train.

But, if the distance is too far and you are not afraid of traveling cheek to sweaty jaw with your fellow Londoners, make sure you have the Oyster card. Your tickets and fares will be much, much cheaper.

More on the matter – you can upgrade your Oyster card with your 16-25 or 26-30 rail card. Just go to the nearest station and load it onto the Oyster, and all off-peak journeys will only cost you one-third of the initial price.

OK, now that you are in the Tube or a train, what’s next?

How about some privacy? Try twitching for a bit or making funny noises, and you’ll notice how there is suddenly much more space around you. Loud coughs should do the trick as well.

And one last travel tip for the times you need to leave London – stack up on food! The prices on the train will be sky high but who cares if you have your own nom-noms, right?

Go out like a pro

A single drink in a pub or a restaurant will cost you an average of 12 to 15 pounds. Talk about a bloody punch to the wallet. As our American friends like to say – ain’t nobody got time for that sh*t! And so should you!

I mean, why pay the full price when you can cut the check by half? How?

  • Use the Drinki app. It will get you your first free drink for the night.
  • Purchase the right coupons on Groupon before you go out. You can get some really awesome deals there like three drinks at the price of one or an 87% discount on Karaoke, Cocktails, and Pizza at the Old School Yard for as little as 30 pounds.

Nice, but what about grabbing a bite? If you are not on a diet and eating after 6 P.M. is fine in your book –  congrats! There are plenty of restaurants you can go to an hour before they close or so for discounts of up to 50%. Chains like POD, Itsu, Wassabi, and Tossed don’t like to waste food, so they will give you one hell of a bargain if you swing by just before they close down for the night.

There is also a handy app called Too Good To Go for this purpose. It will offer you great meals from London’s restaurants for as little as two pounds if you swing by and grab your bite just before the place is closed.

What about grabbing a bite and a drink on the go?

  • You can get a free banana to go along with your coffee at Itsu.
  • You can get a nice free coffee at Waitrose every day. Just sign up, get a card, and you are set.
  • Speaking of cards. You can get one from John Lewis for a couple of free coffees and a few pieces of cake on the house.
  • And, if you are both hungry and broke – go to the Camden Market. There are plenty of free samples to chew on there.

Ok, and what about actual life-or-death emergencies where you have to go to a loo like right now?

  • Public libraries have free toilets.
  • The toilets at St Pancras are free. This is fun. Because they will cost you 30p right across the street at King’s Cross.
  • Have you seen that first-class lounge at King’s Cross? The toilet outside of it is also free.

Having fun like a pro

London might be the only city in the world willing to educate people and pay for it from its own pocket. Museums, art galleries, parks and otherwise awesome places you can spend a lot of time at are absolutely free.

If we were to take a quick look at some of the most fun places to be, it would include the Science Museum. The Sky Garden, The British Museum, Greenwich, The National Gallery and the Borough Market, just to name a few.

Go on an adventure. Rent a bike for 2 pounds for a whopping 24 hours and ride around London. Have a picnic when the sun is shining. The world is at your feet, and you don’t need money to pay for it.

I am pretty sure you can name more awesome places, and if you do – please share all of them in the comments section.

Speaking of the devil… If you have any other tips or lifehacks that may improve the lives of Londoners – don’t be shy. Share all of them in the comments section, and let’s all make our daily routines a bit friendlier.

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