London’s Best Sights

As a Londoner, for you to get your money’s worth when enjoying the sights in London, you have to visit the tourist attractions. Living here does not mean that you should not act like a tourist! You have a magnificent city laid out before you are you’re actually living there. Now get out of your apartment, grab your camera, and make like a tourist for the day. To rent flat in london, contact us today!

No sightseeing is complete without seeing the Queen’s Guards ceremony at Buckingham Palace. During the ceremony, the new guard takes over from the old guard, all to the accompaniment of a military band, escorting the guard to and from their barracks. The band’s repertoire ranges from marches to rock and pop. The ceremony takes place at 11:30 and lasts about 45 minutes in the forecourt of the Palace. Tourists who have this ceremony included in their itinerary arrive very early to grab their spots against the railings to get the best views. The ceremony takes place on odd days in winter, but daily from April to July. The Changing of the Guard Ceremony is rarely canceled, except for very wet weather, though timings may vary due to State Visits to the Palace.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is another well-known landmark where life images of famous celebrities, prominent political personalities and celebrated musicians the world over can be viewed. The London Dungeon will find you in the torture chambers and gothic horrors given the history of this monument. The Zoo is another popular spot for families during the summer months. There are also botanical gardens to enjoy if you prefer a more relaxed setting.

If shopping is your mojo, then Chinatown is the place to be. The shops are colorfully decorated and serve as a one-stop shop where you can find absolutely everything and even things you didn’t think you would ever want! Chinese New Year is a festival that lights up the city with fireworks and colorful street parties. Tourist attractions are a must-see if you are moving here. You cannot be a proper Londoner until you have done them all!

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