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Best Places to Live in London as a Young Professional

If you are looking for the best places to live in London as a young professional, you have come to the right place. Looking for a property to rent for the first time in London as a young professional is many times an uphill task for many newcomers. Narrowing down on a suitable area to rent a house or flat in London can be a bit overwhelming. This is because London is a huge city and the pressure of looking for the best place to settle has driven some new Londoners into disillusionment. Some people have relied on directions from friends and strangers in the city with little or no fruits whatsoever. Fortunately, the information here will help you get down to the intricate of narrowing down your search for your dream London home by offering you information on and directing you to the best places to live in London as a young professional.

Choosing Where To Live in London As A Young Professional

Living in London as a Young Professional

The London Relocation team is always on the lookout for the best neighborhoods in London if you’re a young professional. 20-something just moved to London from abroad or moved down to London after graduation. Where do you live? Your needs are going to be substantially different from those of a family of four, or even a professional couple in the ’50s.

The urban landscape of London is changing all of the time: what was a hot, hip, happening ‘hood last week, may not be in a month’s time. It’s part of what makes living in London so exciting, it’s also part of what makes finding a flat so challenging.

Top Areas to Live in London If You’re A Young Professional

The choice of where to live in London for a young professional is even more challenging if you’re a first-time renter. To find flats and homes to rent in London is difficult for the professional Londoner, and narrowing down your choices to a few areas, trying to find a flat at the right price, and dealing with the paperwork hoopla is enough to drive anyone crazy.

Nearly 75% of all young professionals choose to live north of the River Thames in transport Zones 1,2 and 3, though a higher percentage of Australians, South African’s and New Zealander’s moving to London choose to live south of the river.

Best Places to Live in London North of River Thames

Most young professionals both residents and newcomers live North of the Thames in London. Here, you will quickly notice that almost all young people prefer Zones 1, 2 and 3 of the Tube. Part of the reasons for this is because commuting is easier and cheaper compared to other areas. The area is also full of evening activities and cultural hotspots for the young professionals here to enjoy. If you are looking for a cheaper area with lots of activities and young adults as neighbors, this side of London is where you belong.

Areas Of North London for Professionals With Families

With more than 1.4 million people living in Camden, Hackney, Enfield, Haringey, Westminster, Islington, and Barnet, the population of North London is larger than the one of most European cities. This is a loud, vibrant, and diverse place known for its cultural significance, a wide selection of tourist attractions, and an outstanding selection of pubs, bars, and nightclubs.

That said, North London is proud of more than a few quiet, cozy areas that, while being close to the heart of the city, are oh-so-perfect for families moving to north London.



If you are looking for a friendly neighborhood in the North, Brixton is one of the safest bets out there. For starters, this area is somewhat less expensive than the rest of North London but every bit as convenient in terms of accommodation, transport (bus tube, and the overground), and lifestyle options.

The local park is an amazing pick for some good old quality family time on a sunny afternoon. It boasts a refurbished playground, great picnic areas, and a few tennis courts making sure that neither you nor the little ones are troubled with coming up with things to do.

More on the matter, the local council is known for investing in a series of family-friendly events like the Brixton Splash, a renowned street party, the County Show that has animals, rides, attractions, and mouthwatering street food to offer, and, of course, the Guy Fawkes Fireworks Night.

All of these reasons have made Brixton a beloved area among young parents and couples. You’ll be seeing toddlers and their parents everywhere you look so you’ll have no trouble with finding new friends with similar interests.

Brixton is one of the most eccentric London neighborhoods ideal for young singles desiring a lively, multicultural vibe.  Although crime is at its highest in Brixton there are a lot of young professionals, students, and ex-pats living there.  With so many cultures represented, Caribbean, African, and Asian to name a few, the food is great, the conversation always exciting and nightlife unbeatable.  It’s only a hop, skip and a jump away from the city of London making its incredibly low flat rates a steal.

Brixton Flats

In the nineteenth century, Brixton was a well-to-do suburb of London with lovely Victorian homes lining the streets.  As Brixton fell out of favor during the twentieth century the once lovely homes were quickly divided into flats. Most Brixton flats are in these Victorian homes or are house shares.  Since Brixton is only four stops from Victoria Station on the Tube young professionals looking for a bargain in housing have moved into the neighborhood.

Brixton Eats

With so many cultures represented in Brixton, the food is as good as you’d think it’d be.  One of the favorites is the Fujiyama restaurant, a local favorite, a brilliant fusion of Japanese and Caribbean cuisine and culture.  El Panzon, a Mexican restaurant, is infamous throughout Brixton for having the best burritos around.  Many take-out restaurants line the streets including traditional ones like fish and chips and pizza, as well as Lebanese, Turkish, Indian and Jamaican.

Brixton Transportation

Transportation might be the number one reason Brixton is becoming popular once again. As mentioned earlier Brixton is only four stops from Victoria Station via Tube making commutes to work incredibly short. By bus, residents can travel to all of South London easily.  Brixton is also located near other London neighborhoods with equally interesting cultures making spending a day wandering around just a short bus stop away.

Brixton may not be the best place to raise a family or the safest neighborhood to live in, but for American ex-pats looking to truly experience the many wonderful cultures represented here, and looking to save quite a bit in monthly rent, choosing Brixton from all the London neighborhoods is a great idea.

Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park

Obviously, this area’s heart and soul is its 110 acres of trees, football fields, tennis courts, and picnic areas. The park even has a boating lake! Aside from the park itself, the area’s location is one of its main selling points. It stands on a crossroads between Hackney, Haringey, and Islington meaning the place is a perfect transport link that’ll get you into every corner of the Smoke.

Local communities are mostly composed of newly married couples, young professionals, and established experts from the finance industry.


Hampstead is one of the most expensive areas in London, but for all the right reasons:

1.     Most of the properties here are large, roomy houses that will become a perfect nest for a growing family.

2.     the transport links are superb: multiple Tube stations and a bus terminal in South End.

3.     There are many green spaces and parks for you to choose from.

The area attracts wealthy people that are able to support the local economy so independent venues, stores, and shops blossom here. If you are looking for fresh meat or home-made cheese, a vintage book, or a craft beer – you’ll find it here.

The overall wealth of the area’s population has positively affected local schools, both public and private. Here your children will be schooled by some of UK’s best teachers in fully equipped, modern educational institutions making an investment in a property here into an investment into your future.


This is a charming area sitting on the outskirts of the city, perfect for those of you who are looking for some well-deserved rest after a busy day in the Smoke. The place is known for its exceptional schools like the world-renowned Harrow boarding school, the Harrow High School, and Whitmore High School.

If you are looking for work that’s close by, Kodak and Ladbrokes have their offices in the area and these companies are always looking for talent.


If you are looking for an authentic piece of London that’s filled to the brim with the city’s magic, charm, and history – look no further. What can be more British than the streets that were the home to Charles Dickens?

As for the local schools, you’ll have the OFSTED guaranteed high-quality education in local institutions like the Eleanor Primary School. The area itself is lively, vibrant and diverse. It is the perfect combination of noisy pubs, small shops, and quiet green spaces that all have something special to offer to every member of your family.

Best Places to Live in East London

Shoreditch (EC1) was once the coolest place to live in London before encroachment by bankers and other professionals due to its easy commute to the central business. Although housing has gone up since the place remains cool with some of the best amenities in the city. With markets, curry houses, bars, restaurants, and clubs, there is everything for everyone. If you are looking for a mix of the new and the old, Shoreditch is where you belong.

It is notable that West London has increasingly become very expensive to live in. As a result, young professionals moved to the East and have never had a second thought about it. Especially Shoreditch! We’ve placed a number of young professionals moving to London into flats in Shorditch over the past year. Shoreditch is an ideal location for after-hours clubbing, this is where it’s at. It’s the eclectic center of the city, a neighborhood where you’ll find young bankers, financiers, up and coming fashionistas and IT entrepreneurs. It’s becoming quickly gentrified and hipster as the rest of the world figures out how amazing it is to live in Shoreditch, so who knows… It may only be the new best thing for a short while longer! If Shoreditch does not work for you head straight to Dalston as it is a little cheaper.

Residents in the lower-paid bracket have moved to the East of London making the area perfect for newcomers and residents alike. This is because they have made the area increasing accommodating in terms of new tastes and preferences. If you are looking for the best place to settle as a young professional, East London is perfect. To make the area even more exciting, galleries, coffee shops, bars, and restaurants have erupted to cater to the increasing population and tastes.

But where exactly in East London is the best? The E1 postcode has a mix of different professionals working alongside each other.

Best Places to Live in West London

Western part of London

This is a little expensive but nevertheless quite okay with young professionals. Here you can choose to live in Maida Valley due to its quiet environment. However, if you are looking for the opposite of Maida Valley, then you should head straight to Acton.

It is good to note that North London is mostly suitable for families. However, there is nothing wrong with heading there as a young professional. Great places like Angel and Camden are very popular with young professionals (they are near the East). You can also stay in the South in areas like Battersea, Clapham, and Wandsworth. Check up our Instagram account for the greatest pics from the streets of London!

Best Places to Live Near Central London

Two of the top neighborhood choices for young professionals in London. Angel and Camden are close to excellent transport routes, close to central London and are chock full of clubs, bars, and fantastic eateries. Traditionally North London is a popular choice for families, however, in the last three years, Angel especially has been the neighborhood of choice for young professionals. Camden Town has a slightly more villagey-feel, with its vintage stores and retro restaurants, while Angel, which is located in Islington has more of an urban and even upwardly-mobile kind of vibe.

If you’re looking for a unique place to be living near Central London, with a safe and quaint country village feel, the Richmond flats available now may have you moving in soon.  This particular Richmond flat is in Sheengate Mansions which is a desirable location for you to get into the City from. Located ideally for the local amenities of Upper Richmond Road West, Sheen Lane is located a short walk from Mortlake Rail Station. This brick mansion is ideally placed close to Richmond’s vast range of shops, cinemas, and vintage boutiques. The location is popular with young professionals and commuters due to the benefits of the great connections to Central London. Richmond station is served by the District line, Overground, and National Rail services.

The Best of the Richmond Flats

This stunning Victorian mansion rental property, located on the second floor, consists of two bedrooms with an overabundance of storage space. A roomy, glowing reception room contains a quaint fireplace to keep warm during the brisk seasons in England.

The updated kitchen is newly equipped with breathtaking wood countertops, containing a copious amount of counter space, and a door leading from the kitchen to the balcony which overlooks the bright and tranquil area outside. With high ceilings, this spacious two-bedroom Richmond flats offering proximity to local schools and transport links.  The flat is fully renovated throughout to a high specification having added benefit of a blooming community garden, and back terrace.

Richmond Flats Neighborhood Quality

Richmond is described as ‘London’s Happy Valley’, boasting the most satisfied residents in the land. Lined with trees and surrounded by beautiful houses and residents having a keen sense community, the locals say they’re never stuck for things to do and all the nearby amenities are voted as top-notch. Folks native to the Richmond area are mainly young professionals, all savvy to the excellent range of shops, cinemas, and vintage boutiques. The Richmond flats rental area is a safe, upwardly mobile community.

A Couple More Cool Places To Live in London

There is nothing as cool as moving to and staying in the best places to live in London. Although “cool” may mean something different to different people, what is cool is good for all or for the majority. It is notable that most places to live in London are going through the process of gentrification. This is due to the rising housing costs in terms of house renting and even buying. However, this is not happening only in London; many cities around the globe are going through the same thing. Fortunately, London city has some of the best housing alternatives and varieties that you can rarely expect in many cities of the same or similar status.

What are the coolest places to live in London? What is “cool” here refers to those areas in the city of London with the best art galleries, eccentric up-to-the-minute bars, and restaurants, live music joints and venues, vibrant, young and diverse community of out-going residents, themed night activities and all sorts of different amenities that make life worthwhile in the city. These cool areas are usually located near schools, studios, gala venues, cinemas and other exciting places that make life here relaxed and rewarding.


In close proximity with Moorgate, Haggerston, Old Street, and Shoreditch, Hoxton (N1) is the coolest place to live in London for students and city workers alike. Here, the residents are treated to bars on one side and exciting clubs on the other. It should be remembered that this cool place was once an almshouses’ slum but has quickly changed to become London’s most preferred area of residence. This can be explained by the incredible transportation services provided by the Old Street Station.


Peckham (SE15) has quickly and in the last 20 years changed from high rise flats, violence and crime to become one of the coolest places to live in the South East of the city. Photographers, designers and other creative professionals mingle freely with the rest of the multicultural residents. Residents here sample rooftop bars and clubs that include the famous Bussey Building. There are lots of food markets, annual film galas, and a library. For the young professionals here, London Victoria is at a stone-throw distance.

London Relocation

Welcome to London relocation the award-winning service that gets your most precious assets your staff relocated efficiently and cost-effectively.

At London Relocation we provide a full-service relocation package for young professionals moving to London. For first time renters of professionals moving from the US or Europe, it’s an essential service as we take care of every aspect of your move: property search, lease negotiation, references and paperwork required, and even help with bank accounts and utilities.

Our team of ex-pats and experts have over 40 years of combined experience to enable us to find the perfect flat house or apartment for your workforce. Saving you time hassle and most importantly money. Our record speaks for itself we place one hundred percent of our clients ninety-eight percent in just a single day. We make the very most of the time we have with you by showing 18 to 25 properties in the single day minimizing disruption to your work schedule and focusing our full attention on you and your staff’s individual requirements.

We start the process with a personalized needs assessment for each individual, we then find a range of suitable properties all the while educating on London’s areas and housing markets to help you and your employees pick the perfect properties.
We have developed a network of trusted agencies across London but we work solely for you and your workforce to protect your interests and ensure you are shown the very best option. We are in fact the only real Multiple Listing system in London and therefore the only way to truly exhaust the market. Our service is all-inclusive so that means we handle the contract negotiations and signings for you to allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. We know how to manage your expectations.

Just check out our client testimonial and our service is guaranteed. To speak to one of our team and see what we can do for you and your business. Call London Relocation now to get started at 800-903-1658 from the United States or from the UK +44 20 7993 0422. Our service is 100% guaranteed to find your ideal flat in one day!

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