Get Your Phone Ready For These Apps That Make Life In London

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get your phone ready for these 10 apps that make life in london sooo much easier

London is a magnificent blend of ancient architecture, age-old history, and the sheik of modern-day iron and glass. I sometimes think that Dr. Who blew up his Tardis in here somewhere, and it caused a massive time rift that blended different eras into a steaming pool of glorified magnificence that is the Big Smoke. Contact us to learn more about apartments for rent london

The fun part is that we got the best from all eras the classy style of the old days and the technological marvel of the future. Needless to say, in a city as big as London, the latter seems to be a bit more handy.

Furthermore, technology is like the Tube – an aspect of London you can’t survive without in 2018. It helps, it guides, it nurtures, and saves money if used wisely.

How? Dig into this post to learn the answer.

1 – The Visit London

This is Big Smoke’s official application that holds the keys to many secrets. You can find out about amazing stuff you can see or do at the moment, there are offline maps available, and the application also offers amazing deals on many things.

You can also book seats and purchase tickets from the app, and the lists that it covers are all hand-picked. Some additional treats include but are not limited to finding:

  • Cheap places to eat
  • Free Attractions
  • Top markets
  • The best things to check out this weekend

The app is available for both iOS and Android, and it is free of charge.

2 – The Oyster app

Everybody knows there wouldn’t even be a place called London without the Oyster Card because the people driven mad by commuting and fees would all scatter in terror.

Luckily, the Oyster is here to save the day for us, and with the app, it’s more convenient than ever.

  • You can purchase passes in the app
  • Or you can top your credit as you go
  • You can check your journeys, tickets, payments and more
  • Notifications will alert you about anything of importance, and you can even set your custom triggers from the app

The Oyster App is available for both iOS and Android.

3 – The Regent Street App

What can be better than a personalized shopping experience, especially in a city as large and filled with affordable (and not so much) wonders of all shapes and sizes?

The Regent Street App does just that. The app will learn about your interests, and it will offer exclusive deals as well as secret invitations for sales and other events from stores.

It’s like joining a secret club that helps you shop, or the Shopilluminati if you will. How awesome is that?

The app is available on iTunes

4 – Wriggle

Ok, let’s face it. London is expensive. It really is, especially when it comes to pubs, cafés, and restaurants or the service industry in general for that matter.

With Wiggle, however, you can get one hell of a bargain with the amount of exclusive deals at your disposal.

Not only that, but you will also be getting a lot of updates and notifications about your favorite places to have a pint directly into your smartphone.

Wriggle is available for both Android and iOS.

5 – The London Coffee Network

We’ve got you covered in the evening with Wriggle, but what about the harsh mornings and your dire desire to get caffeinated?

You’ve got the London Coffee Network, an app designed for you to support local chains in exchange for rewards and bonus points.

Drink coffee to earn coffee. Can there even be a better deal?

The app is available on both platforms. Check here for the App Store and the Play Market link.

5 – Tube Map

If you think that London is a city, then you are wrong. It is a sandbox composed of smaller towns. Each of them is as individual as neighbors go, yet all are connected with the same bloodstream of the Tube’s tunnels.

You can get lost in that variety in the blink of an eye unless you have a handy little app called the Tube Map.

The name says it all. The app is simple and intuitive, and it provides you with all sorts of data on your and the train’s whereabouts. Neat.

Get it for iOS or Android.

6 – The UK Bus Checker

What can I say? This is the Tube Map but for busses. It’s super handy and a total must-have on your phone if you wish to know when the next bus is coming without actually waiting and watching out for it on the stop.

  • iOS
  • Android

7 – Dice

Easy booking, awesome deals, and great prices are nice. If you are willing to let the music maniac break loose and don’t want to spend a fortune on it, here are the links for iOS and Android.

One more awesome thing about the app is that every event featured in it is hand-picked by a team of passionate music fans and professionals in the industry. In simpler words, Dice is clutter-free.

8 – Dark Sky

If you don’t like the weather in London, wait for five minutes. Sadly, the saying goes the other way around, but you have the DarkSky app for that.

Yes, even in a seemingly unpredictable London, some apps can give you precise, up-to-minute broadcasts.

DarkSky is available for iPhones and iPads if you follow this link.

9 – ATM Hunter

Are you in need of some quick cash but don’t have a clue about the whereabouts of the nearest ATM? Worry not; this app is here to save your day.

Do note that ATM Hunter will not prevent you from overspending so use it carefully, especially after a hot night in a pub.

The app is available on iOS.

10 – Pretty much any gaming app you fancy

A trip on a tube or bus can be lengthy in London. A fun game that you enjoy may become a salvation. Alternatively, you can get an app for books like CoolReader to read as you commute.

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