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4 Things We've Loved About Working In London Over The Last Month. 

Published 29th November 2012

1) Drawn in Nights

London’s weather is hit and miss at best, but as the nights have drawn in we’re
reminded that now that London never fails to impress. We’ve got to spend a lot of
time out on the streets of London over the last few months, from taking time-lapse
footage and photographs for our own marketing campaigns in and around central London
to the edgy work done behind the scenes at Red Guerrilla Productions’ East London
debut feature film ‘Who Needs Enemies’. We’ve uploaded our best bits, on to our
Facebook and Pinterest Accounts to share with you.

2) Places to Ponder

If there is one thing we love more than technology and brands, it’s eating and
drinking and London offers up some of the best meeting rooms in the World, nothing
quite like a unique environment to spark some creativity, here’s our offices top 5
places to ponder. Gilgamesh, Cafe Gourmand, Pizza East Kentish Town, Archpelagio
Check out our pics on Pinterest.

3) Self Sufficient Music

Alright, so there’s a lot we like as well as Technology & Brands, but its good to be
well rounded. 3rd up is London’s music scene, London seems to be giving birth to a
new breed of successful, self-sufficient artists. Out there focusing on the music
and ignoring Industry protocols, literally one man industry machines. This month
Collaboration have been creating the follow up material from Aina Rox’x debut EP
Launch ‘Word on the Street’, Aina epitomizes what we love about the London music
scene, she even makes her own hot sauce which makes going to her gigs worth it all
on its own! Watch out for the Word on The Street blog next month!

4) Collaborators

People say it’s during recession that the inspired shine through and flourish and
we’ve certainly started working with some companies who are doing just that and
believe they’re making our working lives more enjoyable too.

ThinkTank Media are now partnered with Collaboration, they make things and we like
that! From packaging to location and event installations and we’re really looking
forward to bringing lots of campaigns to life in the New Year, for all your
merchandise needs check out

London Relocation, London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the Planet, but
that doesn’t make the World any smaller and can make the logistics of setting people
up in London challenging. Enter the Guys and Girls from London Relocation, literally
setting up accommodation for clients and consultants in a moments notice no matter
what budget we’re working to and we don't have to lift a finger.

It’s people collaborating with us like this in London that make it such a sweet
place to work, yep it all comes back down to the people.'

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