Thanksgiving Venues in London

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Thanksgiving in London

Thanksgiving is always a great time to visit London. Besides the late autumn or early winter weather, there are many benefits to celebrating this year’s Thanksgiving in the United Kingdom’s capital. Many people usually travel for the holidays, and popular spots are often booked, making it stressful to find a suitable venue. However, this is not the case in London as there are fewer crowds, allowing you to enjoy many exciting things like markets, pubs, and museums, which are the classics. You are in the right place if you want seasonal activities with friends and family to give you a teaser of the holiday cheer. Contact us to learn more about renting property in london

Some popular Thanksgiving activities to look forward to include Oxford Street’s light display, the ice rink at the National History Museum, or a stroll through the famous Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland with a refreshing mug of mulled wine. Many venues in London mark the American holiday with seasonal dishes featuring all the favourite specials like roast turkey, pumpkin pie, and mashed potatoes, among many more. Some go the extra mile by providing special infusions in their menus like Creole cuisine, Indian interpretation, and New York-style cheesecake.

Whether you booked tickets late or saw an incredible flight deal that forced you to miss the holidays in the United States, don’t worry! London is a fantastic place to celebrate the holiday without feeling left out. You can still enjoy the best days of eating in some of the best venues across the city. Here are some of the best Thanksgiving venues in London this year.


Brasserie Max at Covent Garden Hotel

This fantastic venue is located on Monmouth Street, London, and offers sumptuous rooms that are an excellent option to celebrate Thanksgiving in London. This is definitely the place for you if you prefer chic dinners or private parties. Right in the heart of the Seven Dials, the restaurant has conjured a typical thanksgiving menu guaranteed to exceed your Thanksgiving expectations. The amazingly curated menu features a roast bronze turkey, roast potatoes, buttered collard greens, baked cheesecake with cranberries and orange, Macaroni cheese, and pumpkin pie. You don’t have to worry about long lines or crowding because the venue can accommodate a large crowd without compromising quality.


Christopher’s Grill

Celebrating Thanksgiving in London for the first time is difficult, but Christopher’s Grill will make you feel at home this holiday season. With a reputation as the best American restaurant in London, guests are treated to a good Thanksgiving experience. Chef Francis Agyepong has customized a breathtaking three-course menu with a wide range of options for each course. Celebrating your favourite holiday in London may be precisely what you need to appreciate what the city has to offer. You can start your meal with smoked duck tacos, a Missouri-rubbed lamp rump for the main meal, and warm chocolate fudge brownies for dessert. This is one of the many combinations guests enjoy at this fantastic venue in the city.


Collins Room at the Berkeley

If you book a table at the Collins Room, be ready to be amazed by the unique style used to prepare the best American Thanksgiving classics. Executive Chef Shaun Watling sources some of the finest producers across the country, concocting the most delicious meals. Who said thanksgiving meals couldn’t be taken a notch high? The chef’s creativity guarantees a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will make this year’s holiday memorable. Enjoy a luxurious dish of poached lobster, a plate of traditional Norfolk roast turkey with all the accompanying trimmings, and culminate the sumptuous meal with a beautiful pecan or pumpkin pie. The Collins Room allows you to experience Thanksgiving with a British twist for that unique feel.


Colony Grill at the Beaumont

Beaumont is a popular venue for various activities, but if you are looking for a beloved restaurant serving American fare, the Colony Grill is the place to be. Since opening its doors to the public after the coronavirus pandemic, the restaurant has reemerged better than ever in the gastronomic scene. With a talented and experienced chef, Ben Boeynaems, and a brand-new interior design, this venue should be at the top of your list this Thanksgiving. This holiday’s perfectly-curated menu consists of a four-course menu starting at €85 per person. The feast begins with roast scallops, pumpkin risotto, toasted hazelnuts, and smoked ricotta. Next is a sumptuous traditional Thanksgiving turkey and a pecan pie.


Cut at 45 Park Lane

If you have decided to celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving in London, Cut at 45 Park Lane allows you to go big. This fancy establishment is perfect for splashing out on a decadent Thanksgiving feast. For the special occasion, guests will be lavished with a three-course menu featuring a range of delicious dishes for each course. Some options are yellowtail sashimi, champagne risotto, bigeye tuna tartare, key lime pie, and sweet potato with marshmallows. Take this Thanksgiving up a notch by booking your reservation, and enjoy the best London offers.


As an Irish-American restaurant, Darby’s menu is exceptional throughout the year. Many Londoners prefer this cosy establishment when they want to make the right impression. From the elegant yet unpretentious atmosphere to the comfortable design, the restaurant evokes Washington, DC’s style and warmth. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving in London, Darby’s gives you a home-away-from-home vibe that makes the holiday worthwhile. The fantastic kitchen staff have prepared a delectable three-course menu, including cured Hampshire trout, truffle mac & cheese, turkey gravy, and pumpkin tart with toasted pecan and tonka bean ice cream. Enjoy some popular dishes with a twist guaranteed to make this year’s meal unforgettable.



Do you have a bold palate? Are you willing to try something new to commemorate Thanksgiving in London? If so, Dishoon has a curated menu with an Indian twist to make this year’s celebrations memorable. This exciting set features Indian delicacies like a whole turkey leg cooked to perfection, Turkey Raan, spiced cranberry chutney, gunpowder potatoes, chilli sprouts, and a delicious House Chai. If you feel adventurous, this is the perfect venue to experience Thanksgiving in a new light.


Duck & Waffle

If breathtaking scenery is your thing, Duck & Waffle is perched on the 40th floor, taking Thanksgiving to a higher level. As the highest restaurant in London, guests have a fantastic view of the city and unique cuisines that incorporate American flavours. Book a table and enjoy a succulent green bean casserole, bourbon pecan pie, whole-roasted bronze turkey, and other delicious side dishes. Experience Thanksgiving in London in style, and take a break from the traditional British cuisines at Duck & Waffle.


Ham Yard Bar & Restaurant at Ham Yard Hotel

Ham Yard Bar & Restaurant is one of London’s most stylish establishments, celebrating Thanksgiving too. Their well-curated menu has an excellent selection of dishes prepared with the freshest and top-quality ingredients. The restaurant has ensured everyone is comfortable and enjoying their meal by conjuring vegan, gluten-free dishes. This year’s guests can expect delicious options like roast bronze turkey, sweet potato soup, baked pumpkin cheesecake, and grilled Portobello mushrooms. Every meal is prepared with you in mind to enjoy Thanksgiving the right way.


No. Fifty Cheyne

Finding the best venue to celebrate Thanksgiving should be a hassle, especially if you are in London. No. Fifty Cheyne invites everyone to enjoy delicious cuisines in their stunning private dining rooms. The head chef, Lain Smith, shows extensive expertise and experience by concocting a mouthwatering Thanksgiving and Christmas menu, which will be launched on November 24th. This year’s celebrations will be a decadent affair featuring the finest seasonal favourites and unique produce. Prospective guests can look up the menu on the restaurant’s website, allowing you to prepare for D-day.


Oblix at The Shard

Do you appreciate a good view? Oblix combines Thanksgiving and a fantastic view perched on the 32nd floor. As the second-highest restaurant in London, this fancy restaurant has an extensive menu of unique dishes year-round, including the American holiday. The chef has created a three-course menu for this year’s celebrations: Starting with a jumbo prawn cocktail, followed by caramelized turkey breasts stuffed with truffle and chestnut, and culminates with a delicious caramelized pecan pie with bourbon ice cream.

Pappy’s Texas BBQ

Not everyone prefers going out for Thanksgiving, and Pappy’s Texas BBQ understands that. If you enjoy Thanksgiving in the comfort of your home, you can count on this restaurant to make that happen. The “choose-your-own-adventure” approach makes their all-American classic menu the best option for anyone who wishes to stay home. From pumpkin pie to smoked turkey crowns, you have a wide range of delicious meals to choose from. They also provide meal kits containing all the dishes you need to make Thanksgiving a success.


Plaquemine Lock

Another excellent venue for celebrating Thanksgiving in London is the Plaquemine Lock. Designed to give customers an authentic American experience, you can enjoy this year’s celebrations as if you were back in the United States. This quaint pub in Islington specializes in draft beer, Cajun and Creole Cuisine. They also have live jazz performances on stage to enliven the venue’s atmosphere. Their special Thanksgiving menu is a perfectly-curated multi-course menu guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Guests can expect fried chicken, cornbread, pumpkin pie, and goat cheese grits, among other specials.


POTUS Bar and Restaurant

Regardless of why you celebrate Thanksgiving in London, POTUS brings the holiday spirit to you through their USA and UK styles. Their menu honours the relationship between these two great nations, boasting exemplary interpretations of America and Britain’s beloved classics. Why limit yourself to one type of cuisine when you can have both? The head chef, Ruaraidh Campbell, has curated a blend of American staples with a modern twist. Guests can look forward to New England Claw chowder, sliced turkey breast, pumpkin tortellini, butternut squash risotto, New York cheesecake, and apple crumble.


Sea Containers

This fantastic restaurant offers a special menu to celebrate the American tradition in style. The amazingly curated menu consists of a three-course meal featuring Buck Carpaccio with beetroot, roast turkey with pork stuffing, carrot and bitter leaves, turkey jus and sweet potato custard tart with marshmallow, cranberry sauce, chocolate, and sea salt ice cream for dessert. The experts at Sea Containers also participate in community outreach programs where they share their blessings with the less fortunate. €5 is donated from each item on the Thanksgiving menu so everyone can enjoy a hearty meal.



Sette is a recent addition to London’s Italian scene, and it has prepared unique cuisines to partake in the American feast of Thanksgiving. If you want to be bold this year by trying something new, they have cured a four-course Italian-accented menu. You can choose decadent options like porcini soup and chestnut, roasted bronze turkey, Delica pumpkin ravioli, vanilla cheesecake, and bombolini. Give this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations an international feel with exquisite Italian-accented cuisines.


Smith & Wollensky

The famous American steakhouse will host a Thanksgiving feast in London and invite you to join. Smith & Wollensky has stunning ArtDeco rooms where guests can experience American hospitality. Book a table today and enjoy gigantic portions of bronze turkey with cranberry sauce, white potatoes, and a wide range of other side dishes. Finish off your meal with the best pumpkin pie in the city.

Sunday in Brooklyn

With a name like Sunday in Brooklyn, you can expect an exciting Thanksgiving menu full of American staples. While the restaurant is new in the scene, it is affiliated with the one in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Their most significant selling point is the brunches comprising smoked salmon brioche and egg sandwiches. Another reason this is a suitable Thanksgiving venue is the New York-like atmosphere, evoking the American spirit. Although they have yet to post their menu online, they encourage prospective customers to reach out via email and ask for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations.


In addition to the restaurants listed above, several other restaurants offer excellent Thanksgiving menus for you to try. Make this year’s celebrations memorable by booking a table in any of the many fine establishments around the city.

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