Transport will be one of the items at the very top of your budget when you have settled in after your relocation to London. Just last week the mayor of London, Boris Johnson announced the increase of fares on buses and tubes for 2012.

The Oyster fares are set to increase between 10 and 30p per journey. Travelcard users will have to pay 8% more for travel in and around this city. Travel and transport costs are high already, but commuters are not left with much choice but to pay-up.

When you are moving to London, you will hear comment and opinion from both sides. The public transport system must be maintained and in places upgraded and for the most part locals completely reliant on public transport to get around. It’s a frequently debated topic and transport in general is a huge factor when planning your relocation to London.

If you are being seconded to the city as part of a relocation jobs program, then you need to establish exactly where your new job will be located. Get the physical address from your office before you even consider starting to look for accommodation for your relocation.

The best way to minimize the amount of time and money that you will spend on transport after your relocation is to give all of your work details to a professional relocation services company. If you have not lived here, you need to get as much objective advice as possible. Tell them what your package will be, and what your needs are in terms of housing and family.

This information can be used by savvy relocation agents to find an apartment or house that is within your budget for transport, schools, and housing. The last thing you want to happen when you move is to be struggling with a budget and panicking about how you’re going to afford to get to work.

Depending on where you will be working, a good form of relocation agents may even be able to find you a home within walking distance or a short bus ride from your employment. It takes the stress out of moving and money matters if you get solid advice and information before you arrive.

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