If you’re moving to London, I’ve been mentioning for a while now that the London Relocation agency is redesigning its website. Well, it seems the looong wait might at last be coming to an end, and we can’t wait to share the results with you (heck, I can’t wait to see them myself!).

The NEW London Relocation website is tentatively scheduled to launch this Monday, 5 December.

We reeeaallly hope you like it. The aim is to provide a more user-friendly resource that comprehensively covers what London Relocation‘s services are all about and who our team of expatriates really is. There’s no shyster standing behind the curtain boasting to be the Great and Powerful Oz. We put ourselves right out there for you to get to know, and it’s no facade that London Relocation is indeed the great and powerful wizard of lettings for those making an international relocation or simply moving within the city (which, as any local can tell you, is not necessarily all that simple even when you know the lay of the land).

In any case, this website has given me opportunity to contribute in new ways beyond the blog. In the new website, I’ll still be blogging on lifestyle and tips, but I’ll also be splitting my time between that and updating our new “Expat Chat” page with logistical advice for international relocation (I’ve kick-started it so far with things to consider in general as well as with regard to choosing a London neighborhood and relocating a pet to the UK…but stay tuned, as there’s tons more to come!). I’ve written the new website’s other pages as well and a London neighborhood guide that will be available for you to download as a PDF when you complete one of our online web forms. And apologies in advance that you’ll be stuck with my mug in our new London Relocation promotional video outlining how this unique relocation service works.

Beyond that, we’re psyched about London Relocation’s new logo and look! And there will be video testimonials to accompany our written client feedback; we’ll also speak to how the Relocation agency‘s services cater to your personal needs whether you’re relocating as a professional, student, or family. And we’ll have a frequently asked questions feature that will hopefully check off some question marks prompted by your move and what London Relocation can do for you.

When it comes down it, winning Re:locate Magazine‘s 2010/11 Rising Star in Relocation Award this year hasn’t gone to our heads—it’s only motivated us to work even harder and better to bring our clients first-rate relocation services. And as expatriates who have moved here ourselves, we bring a lot of empathy to the table; we’re personable and accessible, and we hope the new website conveys that to you. Fingers crossed that we can all see it Monday! And in the meantime, the Relocation agents are available to you every day of the week to tailor their expertise toward your move.

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