If you are planning your relocation to London anytime soon you’ll have to prepare for the fact that you’ll be in the city in 2012. That means the Olympic Games. Unless you’re planning on leaving the city next summer, you’ll be in the thick of things and London is ready to celebrate!

London is very proud to be the host for the Summer Olympics and everyone who is in London is talking about it. If you are moving to London right now, you’re a little late to take part in the ticket distribution and you may have to pay scalpers prices for premium tickets for the bog events next year.

As an American moving to London you’ll be able to enjoy the pomp and ceremony of the entire event and spend some time cheering on your national team. If you start feeling homesick after your relocation to London, just remember that hundreds of thousands of your countrymen are arriving in London next year!

If you really want to get involved in the Olympic spirit, and play your part in the greatest sporting event in the world, then ask around about volunteer positions. The Olympics is a topic that is hotly and fervently debated all over London right now. Everyone has an opinion on something!

The city of London has gone all out to make sure that the Olympic Games are a success. The fact that it is being held in the East End of London has raised the levels of national pride and commitment to England and being English. The east End of London is an area that has always had a reputation for being the “dodgy end” of London. The urban renewal has been a large part of the Olympic promise.  The East End of London has seen much economic development and building in the last few years.

New stations have been opened and the tube now runs right into the heart of the East End. Infrastructure that will benefit all the citizens of London have been put in place.  This is to ensure that the Olympic Games are part of a responsible and sustainable development for London and England.

Not all the events will be held in London. Other cities will be hosting events and if you do get the chance to travel further afield to see some of the regional events, you should be book well in advance. Coventry, Manchester, and Birmingham are just a few of the cities hosting major events during the Olympic Games.

There is something special about the Olympic Games. Despite the issues and politics surrounding the event, there is a sense of anticipation for every Londoner. Your relocation to London has placed you at the very center of the world and the best thing you can do is get into the spirit of the games and enjoy every moment of being a Londoner next summer.

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