Most Americans moving here own or lease a car back here in the states.  There are very few cities that have public transportation adequate enough to allow their residents to get where they need to go without a car.  London is different.  This city has one of the world’s best public transportation systems and is proud of that accomplishment.  Not only is a car unnecessary for those living and working in the city, having a car can be very expensive between all the fees and parking charges.

One of the biggest differences between home and London most Americans moving here notice is the amount of walking expected.  In London everyone walks.  For long distances public transportation will take over, but one must walk to the nearest tube station or bus stop.  Walking a mile to get somewhere is common place.  London relocation agents will surely stress the amount of walking required in the city as well as give useful tips for navigating the public transportation system.

Those moving here who decide a car is a necessity will have quite a shock coming! First, there is not a lot of parking.  Much like New York City car-owners often have to pay to park their cars and the location will not necessarily be right outside one’s home.  Second, there are many fees for driving such as a congestion charge which is London’s answer to fighting traffic.  The fee is around £10 ($20) a day with hefty fines for non-compliance.   Parking meters are also ridiculously high and in the busiest parts of town can cost upwards of $10 an hour!

Americans moving here due to corporate relocation should discuss in detail their family’s needs as it pertains to daily living and travel with their relocation agents.   Relocation agents are there to assist families in transitioning to their new home and country with as little stress as possible.  While a car may not be a luxury every family can or need afford, some situations may require it.  For those families relocation services can help locate the most practical vehicle and acquire parking.

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