In my last series of posts about moving to London with a trailing spouse or partner, I structured the challenges of an international relocation around one’s hierarchy of need, as theorized by Maslow. I’d kept this explanation in terms of the accompanying spouse, who is arguably most sensitive to the changes, but, really, this can apply to anyone making the London move. I figure before I move on to blog about other London topics, I’ll give one more nod to Maslow’s pyramid of needs so that you can see how London Relocation‘s services specifically will satisfy your essential needs as a future expat.

Referring to the image to the right, let’s start at the base—i.e., our most fundamental physiological needs for survival as well as a sense of security. Well, London Relocation will find you an apartment rental in the safest of neighbourhoods and within a short commute from where you will work or attend school. We’ll only advise on neighbourhoods and find flats that are in close proximity to good transportation options to get to and from home safely. And where food, clothing, medical services, and so forth are concerned, we can advise you on where everything is—your relocation agent, in fact, will point these places out during your property search so you can have your bearings in relation to your new apartment.

Climbing to the higher layers of the pyramid, we have our social and intellectual needs. London Relocation’s entire process indeed begins with a needs assessment so that we know what type of property you’re looking for, when you need to move in, and which area best serves your commute and lifestyle. If there are particular attractions/scenes that you want to live near, we will advise on the ideal neighbourhoods for accessing them. Once our relocation agents have worked with you to narrow down those neighborhood choices, they’ll accordingly map out where you’ll be able to find all the good entertainment options, like restaurants, cafés, clubs, theatres, and other venues. For families, we can likewise advise on schools, clubs, recreation centers, and other opportunities for educating your children and bonding as a loving and supportive family unit. Our empathy as expats alone will offer you peace of mind so you don’t feel alone in this process or this city. We can point you in the direction of support networks just as you’re moving away from those at home. And we’ll, of course, be one of your new support networks, right out the gate as you initiate your move.

At the pinnacle of our pyramid, finally, is our sense of self-fulfillment. This could quite possibly be why you’re moving here in the first place, no? Broadening your mind with new experiences abroad? Meeting new people, exploring new cultures? London Relocation, then, will help you find the right area to feed the soul—the right aesthetic, the right opportunities—so you can maximize your personal and professional growth in this way.

The challenges of the London property market will be enough to fuel your need for us, and our need is to help you make your international relocation fast and seamless—so give us a call or fill out our webform, and let’s start your needs assessment now!

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