Of course, if you have taken the advice of your trusty relocation services, then you still are packing protection… An umbrella! While August is unarguably one of the warmest months of the year, you’ll need to be prepared for the odd shower or two, or splash of rain every day. Who knows…That’s part of the fun and adventure of moving here. You never know if this years is going to have a drought, or be rained out. But you’ll soon learn that the most important part of relocation to London is getting out of your new rental and enjoying everything that the city has to offer before you settle down to a more serious September.

The Notting Hill Carnival has to be one of the highlights of moving to London in August. Not only will you be able to walk the streets of London that played host to the iconic movie starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, but you’ll be able to attend the biggest street party in Europe. Each year the streets of West London host the biggest and most diverse summer festival.  Over twenty miles of prime real estate; 1 million party people, and hundreds of food stalls and parties happening all the time.

Traditionally set up by the West Indian community of Notting Hill, this is the Caribbean come to London like you’ve never seen it before. Steel drums, displays and a carnival atmosphere make this one of the biggest and most fun events on the London summer calendar.

This year the Notting Hill carnival will be held on the 28th and 29th of August and it promises to be one of the best ever. The Carnival bands start at about 9am on the Sunday and in a tradition that is typically English, the Sunday is reserved for children with a host of activities to appeal to them and Monday is designated Adults day. Fun for the whole family without trampling on each other’s toes.

The best way to get to the Notting hill Carnival is to use the public transport and many of the roads surrounding the area are closed to vehicle traffic. It’ll be quicker and faster to use the tubes and buses from central; that, or ask your relocation agents to move you into Notting Hill before the time!

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