If you’re moving to London and your relocation agents are on the hunt to help you find a place, then it’s always handy if you have a basic idea of what you’re looking for. That’s assuming that you haven’t gone over to get a firsthand view of what’s available. There are a number of areas for you to move to move to suit your needs.

Notting Hill is a start. Largely because of the movie, obviously. But the area also has more to offer besides the locations featured in the movie (though Portobello Road would be a likely first stop for many Americans given how prominently it is featured as a location). Notting Hill also has many things to do during the day, it has a vibrant nightlife, and you can also visit Kensington Gardens to take in a fresh air experience if you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all.

If you’re looking for something that will allow you an easy access to London’s nightlife, look to the West End. It’s certainly a more upmarket location, but if you do live there, you would have your choice of restaurants, theatre shows and other aspects of the London nightlife.

As an American, St John’s Wood might hold special appeal for you seeing as it does have an American School (the only American School located in the city of London). St John’s Wood already has an established community of Americans living there, so moving there should be particularly attractive given that the presence of your countrymen should help you to acclimatize.

Moving over with your family means finding an area to accommodate your needs. Barnes, situated right across the River Thames from Hammersmith is a suburb that has a growing community of young professionals. There are primary schools, nurseries and London city itself is easily within reach given the convenience of public transport.

That’s only four areas, but we’ll be exploring some of the most popular neighborhoods that have been identified by expert relocation companies to consider if you’re moving here. Regardless of you final choice, always remember that you and your relocation agents should always consider your situation and your best interests when moving.

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