The temperate weather and sea-like atmoshpere of the South Bank allowed me to cope better with my seperation from California.  Walking along the river reminded me (albeit in a distant way) of walking down a California board-walk.  Street performers, skate parks and other California trademarks lined the embankment. I stopped to eat at one of the small restaurants.  All the eateries permeated laid-back, happy atmospheres.

Among the less-West Coast, yet noteworthy, attractions were the sights of  Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey.  A massive aquarium, theatre, concert location and gallery also joined the extensive collection of activity.

Perhaps the greatest reminder of back home was the public’s mood. The stress, angst and aloof attitude of the city’s people seemed to disintegrate in the sea-like air.  Instead people seemed at ease, content and open to conversation.

If you are relocating to London and used to an oceanic aura, hop on the circle line and head to the bank.  It’s an urban rendition of a seaside town.

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