If you’re moving to London, you’ll want to know all about the city. You’ll want to know where to find a great London apartment, where the best shops are, and how to master the transport system. There are other smaller details that are also important when you’re going to be here for any length of time. One of the most important aspects on living in a foreign country is where to get medical help when you need it.


When you’re moving, one of the first things you’ll need to do is register with a local GP in your area. This will help you get treatment at hospitals and book appointments for specialist consultants if you need to. Sometimes though, you might feel a little under the weather and not really sick enough to visit a local doctor. The National Health Service has provided an online and telephonic advice line where you can go for all sorts of medical and general health advice. It’s is open 24 hours a day and you can use the service to get information about your symptoms or to find doctors, dentists and specialists in your area. When you need to dash out for a pain killer at 3am, you can find out the location of the nearest 24 hour chemist in your neighborhood.

Medical Help Online

The NHS Direct website is an important resource for health care across England and very useful if you’re starting life in London. You can use the site for advice on something as simple as an allergy query or how to find after-hours doctors across London. You can check your symptoms online or by phoning one of the friendly and well trained operators on the hotline number: 0845 4647.

The site also has a list of hospitals and Accident & Emergency (ER) centers for your convenience. No one wants to be stuck after moving to London with the sniffles or a headache, and you can use the site for all of your healthcare queries and excellent advice.

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