One of the most common questions asked by those moving here is what are the best neighborhoods to live in.  Obviously there is no exact answer as every family values different elements of neighborhood life differently.  There are, though, some neighborhoods that are quite popular with Americans moving to London.  One of them is Notting Hill.

Made famous by the 1999 movie starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts there is good reason for this lovely neighborhoods to be adored by all who live there.  Americans love Notting Hill because it embodies all that we have come to think of as British. There are lovely Victorian homes lining roads and beautifully appointed and maintained gardens throughout.  Even within the city it is considered one of the most beautiful of neighborhoods.

While Notting Hill is, by all means, beautiful the price tags for houses is outrageously high keeping all but the very affluent from purchasing them.  Those who cannot afford one of the most expensive neighborhoods can still enjoy a day spent at some of Notting Hill’s famous locations.

As one of the largest antique markets in the world every American moving to London should take at least one day to visit Portobello Market.  With hundreds of vendors Portobello Market is thriving and almost anything can be found for those with the patience to look.  Every Saturday vendors bring their goods to sell to the public.  For the rest of the week shops are open for business. Portobello Market puts Notting Hill on the map of one of the most visited London neighborhoods.

Notting Hill is also home to high end fashion boutiques and quaint restaurants lining the streets.  Residents living there these days are thought of as quite cosmopolitan.  There may not be a more picturesque area as seen when walking the streets of one of America’s favorite neighborhoods.  After a stressful move from the States a lovely spring Saturday spent wandering the streets of Notting Hill, one of the best loved neighborhoods, is just what one needs.

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