Many people moving to London from America decide to use public transportation instead of either bringing or buying a vehicle.  This choice is highly recommended as it is actually quicker and easier to move about the city via the Tube or bus.  For longer or more emergent trips a cab can easily be found.  While many moving to London from America may be used to public transportation a large chunk of the US hardly relies on it at all. For them, a breakdown of London’s transportation system is described below.

Moving to London from America – the Tube

The Tube is the equivalent of the New York subway system or Chicago’s ‘L’ train.  Tube stations are located throughout the city for convenience.  There are several lines of the Tube so one will have to check rigorously at first to ensure they are on the right Tube train.  It’s not a bad idea, at first, for those moving from America to keep a map of Tube stations and routes handy while exploring the city.

Moving to London from America – Buses

Buses are a major component of public transportation.  While they may not be as fast as the Tube they are an affordable option for those traveling a short distance.  2012 unveils a new bus prototype which is a redo of the iconic double-decker bus so many associate with the streets of this city.  The new bus will be a hybrid with all the conveniences a modern bus can offer.  It will also be handicap-accessible.

Moving to London from America – Taxis and minicabs

There are two types of cabs for personal use.  The first is the Black Cab with the ‘Taxi’ sign proudly displayed on top of the car.  These are the only vehicles that can be hailed throughout the city.  The other option is a minicab.  To increase safety and reduce the number of illegal cabs on the road all minicabs must be ordered in advance.  All taxis and minicabs should display their number and show customers their ID.  Paying mind to safety is the number one rule when using a taxi or minicab.

For many families making the big move for corporate relocation letting go of a personal vehicle can be a scary thing to do.  With some research before hand and not being afraid to ask for help or directions the transition can be made smoother.  Relocation agents are available to help with all local transportation helping those moving from America experience the best of the city without the stress of learning the transportation.

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